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Could I commission you to update your Map Exporter for v19.1? It's such a helpful feature and I really wouldn't mind putting some money towards it since I use it all the time and haven't been able to find a replacement. Cheers!
Time is ticking, but it isn't too late to make something for the Pixel Slam Jam if you want! You don't need to be a pixel art expert, just have a go! :)
I'm using ur Pokéride Script in my fangame & I have a big prob with the outfits there, could you pls help me?
My Event looks like that:

Rhyhorn Graphic
Control Switches: Rhyorn at Map XXX = ON
Show Animation: Player, [pbMount]
Script: pbMount(Rhyhorn)
Control Self Switch: A = ON

The player changes its outfit to another when riding on Rhyhorn
I changed this on Pokeride_Ride on line 105
module Rhyhorn
  MoveSheet = ["Pokeride/boy_rhyhorn","Pokeride/boy_rhyhorn_1","Pokeride/boy_rhyhorn_2","Pokeride/girl_rhyhorn","Pokeride/girl_rhyhorn_1","Pokeride/girl_rhyhorn_2"]
  MoveSpeed = 4.4
  ActionSheet = ["Pokeride/boy_rhyhorn","Pokeride/boy_rhyhorn_1","Pokeride/boy_rhyhorn_2","Pokeride/girl_rhyhorn","Pokeride/girl_rhyhorn_1","Pokeride/girl_rhyhorn_2"]
  ActionSpeed = 4.4
  RockClimb = true
If you could somehow help me I'd thank you.
I have 3 outfits/skin colors & 1 pajama for the boy.
And I have 3 outfits/skin colors & 1 pajama for the girl.
The outfits are turned on through switches that I've put in the intro.
Switches: Pale, Normal, Tan
Hey Bigoof Saw your project in legend of evee it was pretty nice but the sprites and game looks totally familiar with fire red I would appreciate to help you make new sprites if you allow to help and also some modification to the story
Hi Xeto, Sounds great! Currently i'm not really working on the legend of eevee. Feel free to add your feedback in the google forms in the drive (its in the getting started document). You can link a download link in there as well for some sprites.