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Demo Pokemon Love and Eternity Extended Demo Version 1.4.6 (Final)

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Pokemon Love and Eternity Demo Version 1.4.6 (Final) Download:

File size: 994.84 MB

Version 1.0.0
Explore the region of Originem and find new Pokemon along the way!

Version 1.0.1
Added Pokemon encounters to Route 606

Version 1.0.2
Added a last Pokemon to the first gym leader and removed some events.

Version 1.0.3
Fixed the ability to catch Pokemon Issue, Also added a mystery gift Pokemon

Version 1.1.0
Added a new city and a new Gym Leader! Also fixed the Intro

Version 1.1.1
Added new maps as well as edited old maps.

Version 1.1.2
Fixed some bugs and added a new Rival Battle.

Version 1.1.3
Added a new Gym Badge Music and Images

Version 1.2.0
Added New Route and characters

Version 1.3.0
Added New city, more plot and a New Gym leader.

Version 1.3.1
Added a new route, 2 new rival battles, and more plot

Version 1.4.0
Added a new city and a new Gym Leader. Fixed Gym Badge Images

Version 1.4.1
Removed some events that had some errors

Version 1.4.2
The long awaited version is here! Fixed just about everything, probably.

Version 1.4.3
The long awaited version is here! Removed the Mystery Gifts, and added a new pokemon fight.

Version 1.4.4
Fixed almost everything and added a new route.

Version 1.4.5
Added new plot and a new route.

Version 1.4.6 (Final)
This is the final version of Pokemon Love and Eternity Extended Demo Version, added new K.K. Slider Songs and a final challenge at the end of the demo, thank you for playing this Pokemon Fan Game.

You are a Red-like Pokemon Trainer in this new region called Originem. Your Rival, May from the Hoenn region has come here to Originem to discover new Pokemon that isn't in Hoenn. Your Professor: Rowan from the Sinnoh region also came here to Originem to discover new Pokemon that isn't in Sinnoh. You then realize that Originem has a Pokemon League of its own, and so you challenge the 8 gym leaders of Originem that are based on characters outside of Pokemon. Once you defeated the 1st gym leader, now you have to defeat a new evil organization, Team Infinite, their plan is to erase the entire Pokemon Universe by the Devine-Beasts of Love and Eternity (basically they're living beings from another universe), and its your job to stop them.


  • Over 723 Pokemon to obtain.
  • A couple of original Pokemon and other music to listen.
  • Tons of familiar Pokemon Characters from the main Pokemon series games.
  • Last Pokemon message and music.
Pokemon Music by Game Freak
Undertale Music by Toby Fox
Animal Crossing Music by Monolith Soft
Special Thanks to the Pokemon Essentials Kit
and mej71 for the Gen 6 Pack

Thanks for playing this Pokémon Fan Game, if you experience any bugs or glitches, please email me at: thetatecardanews1@gmail.com

This is a non-profit Pokemon Fan Game
Please support the official Pokemon games​
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how many gyms does this go up to, and can we challenge the originem league in this demo?
Also, it keeps making me fight the two infinite grunts after defeating them on route 612, I don't know why this is happening to me
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I need help with something, my game keeps making me refight the team infinite grunts on route 612 after I defeated them, how should I get past this?