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Overview Project Showcase

This is an informative overview thread.
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The forum-wide rules apply in this section, along with the thread requirements from the Progressing Projects forum.

What is the Project Showcase?
The Project Showcase is where projects are put when we feel they've made enough progress and are playable or finished. A playable release of around 2 gyms in length is usually enough to get in here -- and don't worry if you don't have gyms in your game. Projects from either Progressing Projects or Other Games & Projects can end up here.

How do I get my thread in here?
It's not an automatic moving process, and we carefully examine each project to make sure it's suitable. You're more than welcome to request to have your game moved into this forum. Then with a little bit of time and patience, we'll get back to you on whether or not we'll be moving it here. As a general guideline, we won't be moving projects that are buggy to the point of frequent crashing and unplayable.

We reserve the right to not move your thread into the Showcase, or to even remove your thread from the showcase.

The following types of posts are considered spam and will be deleted. If you notice a post breaking this rule, please report it and ignore it.
  • Posts asking for a next version release date.
  • Posts asking if the game is finished.
  • Posts asking if they can be a game tester, unless stated by the project author that they're looking for testers.
  • Posts with little to no substance: (eg. "I like your game, it's cool!") Tell us why you like the game!
  • Double posting. Please edit your post instead of double posting. If you're the thread author, you may double post if you have some new content to share.
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