Relic Castle Anniversary


It's once again January 20, the anniversary of the Relic Castle community! We're now a whopping 6 years old, and that's worth celebrating! What's more though, we're also just about to hit 5000 members on this very forum!

Thank you to each and every one of you for being and having been part of the community, helping us grow and interacting with fellow community members by helping them, sharing resources, playing their games, and participating in all our events. You make Relic Castle the fantastic place it is, and this has made Relic Castle the #1 stop for anything related to Pokémon fangames. But we're more than just that - we're truly a family of loving, caring, passionate people!

While we don't have anything planned for our anniversary, we do have more exciting events coming up. Stay tuned!


Berserk Inferno
Jun 21, 2019
Happy birthday Relic Castle! Thank you to everyone being such an awesome community for the time that I've been here. I'm really thankful for all the wonderful friends that I've made, and I'm very proud of the growth I've made as a person in my time with Relic Castle. Here's to another year of amazing work, great conversations, and everything else that Relic Castle has to offer. Thank you all again :)