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Recruiting Pokemon Azure Recruitment


Narrative Designer and Stats/Distros Guy
Sep 8, 2018
Hey everyone!

Pokemon Azure is a game in the vein of Pokemon Reborn and Rejuvenation, featuring field effects and increased difficulty, and twelve dual typed gym leaders, along with a complex and hopefully compelling plotline about the conflict between a church and a cult that has torn the region in half.

We're currently recruiting the following positions:
- Sprite Artist
- Mapper
- Writer
- Composer
If you want to help out, just send me a pm or contact me on discord (#pkchu5553) with some examples of your work and we'd love to have you!

Instagram: @Vincenzonova & @devpkchu
Deviantart: VincenzoNova
Reddit: u/pk_the_dragon & u/pageofsean

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