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Recruiting The Valentia Project Is recruiting!!


Hello, My name is MugsyAU, I am the Head Developer and owner of The Valentia Project and its Discord Server!!
The Valentia Project is a currently un-named fan game project, set in the Karama region. The Karama region is loosely based on Egypt, taking inspiration from its lore and environments. The Valentia Project is currently in extremely early stages of development. As of this message going up, I have only had the idea of The Valentia Project for three Days!!
The development will be done using Pokemon Essentials.
The Dev Team
Currently, we are mainly looking for artists to create concepts of fakemon and regional variants and composers to create tracks for the game, we are not looking for any more writers at this point in time :)
Currently, no role on the Dev Team is out of the question so feel free to join the team :)
The roles of people on the dev team are as follows:
Artist/Spriter: Dev team members with this role would be creating assets for the game, like tiles, UI, fakemon (potentially), or regional variants, etc.

Writer: Dev team members with this role would be helping out with pretty much anything that involves dialogue, events or plot.

Composer: Dev team members with this role would be creating original soundtracks for the game.

Translator: Dev team members with this role would be translating the game into different languages.

Mapper: Dev team members with this role would be creating maps for the game.

Programmer: Dev team members with this role would be creating scripts for the game.

Head Developer: That’s me :0 I do a bit of everything

Here is the Discord link if you are interested:

**Please note, maps and tiles are not final, these are just a few example maps to show the graphic style I have in mind for the game. these are also not my tiles, Credits can be found in the discord server
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