Completed Pokemon: The Pokerus Plague

This project is complete. Any future revisions will be bug fixes or small updates.
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...What would it be like...

...In a world where everyone is the same...

...Where individuality doesn't exist...

... Where your only goal is...


Everything started long ago... When a virus-infested the Sherwood region... Chaos and war ensued...
But no one was there to help... no protagonist... no evil team, Just a Bio-weapon of mass destruction created by the Pokérus Laboratories. In this experiment, you play as Akira, a person infected by Pokérus. Can you help him regain what he had lost? Or will you also succumb to Pokérus?

Everyone is the same... Everyone was infected with the virus... the great equalizer


Game Title: Pokemon: The Pokerus Plague

Game Screenshots:

Game Download:
Download the experiment

(version 1.05)

-Forced POKEMED to fix a lot of grammar errors
-Changed POKEMED's program to be an OGG Player instead of an MP3 player
-Afflicted new pokemon with the POKERUS virus
-Added new username possibilities
-Made Team Pokerus Clean the city somewhat
-Fixed game-breaking Bugs
-Fixed Small little things
-Removed any traces of a possible Pokerus Cure

Make sure to save your game often!

Made Using: RPGMXP, Pokemon Essentials


Mauri - Leader, Writer, Eventer

Droid779 - Spriter, Mapper, Eventer

Kartik - Spriter, Mapper

Sorry if there are some grammar errors I am not a natural English speaker and Grammarly and my team helped but not 100%
When you fight a trainer it says you defeated the trainer but Akira is the one that gets the prize money that's an intentional error figure it out yourself ;)
My username may be Maurili but you can call me Derek (easier to say)
there's a secret ending i think..?

Resource Pack: Pokemon Pokerus Plague Resource Pack


Name-box by Mr. Gela
Item Crafter scene by TheKrazyGamer
Neo PauseMenu by Luka S.J.
Wild Item Drops by Cilerba
Advanced Pokemon Level Balancing By Joltik
Nuzlocke Permadeath v1.0 by NettoHikari
aveontrainer, mr hat and kyledove - sprites
Parabeetle X, Incompetech ,Soundimage- Music
Deo's Custom Day & Night Tones for Essentials
Display IV/EVs - TechSkylander1518
Free Summary Screens - Aki
Tilesets - uthilium dragon
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Not a scobunny
Jan 23, 2018
Oh yeah, I just checked and indeed that what is happening
you can skip this trainer trough, you can kinda skip a lot of the game if you want XD
but an update for that will be out like... now


Not a scobunny
Jan 23, 2018
One of the original ideas of the game was something along with persona logic lol
Your starter Pokémon is another part of you sorta if it died you died and the opposite was true this is still somewhat true with the infected trainers battle and the Easter egg that happens if you black out


Stinky Person
Mar 24, 2017
Yo, I just played your game! Here's a bullet point of things I noticed:

  • The encounter rate in caves is super, super high! I'm starting a battle every 4 steps, which is very normal in beginner fangames. Lower those encounter rates!
  • I really like the idea of an empty, barren overworld following a post-apocalyptic event. I would almost like it better if there was no exposition at all to start with, and I just started on a single screen, with no words, no exposition, no detail prior to the events of the story, left to explore and piece together the story on my own.
  • I'd like to see some dialogue attached to just little objects on the game's overworld! Give it some life! It helps to add atmosphere, tone, mood, make the hallways feel less like decoration and more like an actual world.
  • Catch rates are too low! You've got a lot of Pokemon in the overworld that are difficult to catch because of their rarity, which I don't think you accounted for. It's a short, smooth game, so make it as easy for the player as possible!
  • The maps feel empty, but not tonally. Visually, they lack interesting elements that could have helped to tell a bit of the story - destroyed buildings, a deader hue, maybe even dead trees. The maps are LARGE and empty. I understand you had a deadline, though - but the story is in the visuals just as much as it is in the dialogue.
  • Remember, if you’re attempting to go for a specific style or tone, don’t bog it down too hard with narrative elements that clash too hard with it. It’s okay to have humor in a post-apocalyptic story with dark themes and a cold tone, but it would not be okay to have wall-breaking humor, as it would not fit. IE, jokes about Lord Helix.
  • Give characters, and even NPCs some personality! Some should sound gruff. Some should seem hopeless. Some should seem weak, scared, cowardly. This is a post-apocalypse! Sell it!
  • Continue improving your English and writing skills. It’s harder to get into talking plot stuff when the grammar, sentence structure is off. That’s going to be the first thing I tell any game dev before I get to their story.
But this is your first game, and you guys only had a month to do it, and I think that's absolutely superb! Y'all should be proud of yourself. You did a great job, so give yourself a pat on the back, guys.
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Oct 30, 2017
Hello uh
I downloaded this today and it says
"RGSS-RTP Standard not found."
So I couldn't play the game :')


Jun 21, 2020
Problem: an error saying "RGSS-RTP Standard not found" prevents the game from launching.
Solution for players: got to the rpg maker website, mouse over the downloads tab, then select additional -> run time packages. You will be asked which version of rpg maker you want. For this game, select rpg maker xp and then the correct download button should appear just below. Lastly, run the exe you download to install it. Now the game will run just fine.