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Recruiting Plat2 Recruitment



Six years ago, Cyrus was defeated, Team Galactic disbanded, and Sinnoh region was at peace once more. But the story isn't over. Pokémon Platinum 2 will take you back to Sinnoh once again - and you can help bring the game to life! We're currently looking for help in all roles! This work will be featured on the showcase thread to be exact. If you're interested, just DM either me or Vendily! But if you just wanna know more, head over to our public discord and check us out!

Story is going under development. As of now, refinements are still being made! Fleshing out characters and locations are priority atm.

Current mappers are going at it! About the 4-5 maps left, and that's it for the beta.

Most of the concept art is done! Ranges from sketches, and different styled digital pieces. Most sprites have a base OW, but versus ones are undone.
We're currently after someone who can replicate the Sugimori style! As for Pokemon, some new sprites are needed (mostly backs!) but definitely not a priority either right now. But we'll take any kind of experience with provided work!

Most of the music is done! Only fluff tracks remain.

Most if not all the scripts are done too, but often ideas and suggestions come up! We've completely remodeled the Pokedex, and have other tasks like that in mind too. Extra support in here would be super appreciated, and more eventers are always welcome :D



Hex Maniac Nina and BE_Infinity as Mappers and Tile Makers
Kitty, Stupid Dinosaur, Wednesday, Sliter, Grey M, and Beefy as Artists
PB, Vendily, MGriffin as Scripters
Lewmoth and Sadie as the Musicians
Judge Kreep and Aldo as Eventers
Gimmepie, and the team as Writers
Eric Jackson as UI Designer

and a shoutout to our forever honorary members who helped us get here, but cannot be with us anymore due to circumstances,
Sparta/Neque Rex/Lunar Doof

Thank you for giving us a read! :D
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