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Recruiting Pokémon Super Squad Recruitment


Looking for the PokéCommunity thread, read here: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=428573

Hi, I'm Kiribartlett, and I'm making for a upcoming game called Pokémon Super Squad. This game is take place to Happilo and Sakilo region.​

What a we looking for:
  • Story Writers
  • Sprites Artist for Pokémon Trainers including Overworld
  • Mappers that inspired by Kanto and Johto
  • Tilesets in Gen 4/5 style
  • Scripters
  • Beta Teasers
  • Sugimori Ken artworks for Pokémon and Trainers

Current Team:
  • Kiribartlett (me) - A head Developer/Mapping/Scripter
  • ReKaToAri - Storyline Writer/Mapping/Beta Teasers

If you have any questions or feel interested, please reply the message here, or contact me on Discord at Kiribartlett#7098 and join the Discord server to receive news, updates and more.
Thank you for your support!

Follow on: https://twitter.com/PKMNSuperSquad
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