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Game Jam Game Jam #5: Results + Community Poll

Which Game Jam game was your favorite?

  • Pokémon Super Kawaii Dating Sim

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Pokémon Lament of the Children

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Pokémon Unvoiced

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Pokémon The Rise of Giovanni

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • Pokémon Daycare

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • Fire-Type Emblem

    Votes: 1 3.7%
  • Latent - Prologue

    Votes: 13 48.1%
  • Pokémon This Gym of Mine

    Votes: 2 7.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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That concludes the fifth game jam! This year we too didn't announce the game jam all that well (despite it having been the same for the past five years), so some people had a rushed and hurried start. But it was nice to see this many entries nevertheless, with some old and new faces.

We had fun playing the entries this year, and we hope you did too! We're excited to see what everyone picks for the community choice spotlight!

Without further ado, however, here are the spotlights as picked by the judges...

Hunter & Raymond by @Cadeorade5

"While some people keep Pokémon as pets and others use Pokémon for battle, Hunter and Raymond use Pokémon as a means for committing crimes! Will they be stopped? Play to find out!"

Click here to visit the thread!

Pokémon Tempo Rising by @Aki

"Whether by luck or by fate, you've encountered a mythical Pokemon and formed a psychic bond. Now you're on a journey with your Pokemon to find inspiration together and discover Meloetta's true potential."

Click here to visit the thread!

Community Choice Spotlight: Latent - Prologue by @FloofOtter

"Life. Potential for Greatness. Potential for Devastation.
The world is in ruins. Reality is fleeting. People are vanishing.
Uncover the truth. Fulfill your Greatness. Be the change."

Click here to visit the thread!

A big thank you to all participants of this year's Game Jam! We received a lot of unique entries yet again, and we hope to see you again next year!
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Eternal Idiot
Congrats to both of them! I'm pretty happy to see Caderades game make it on there. It had a lot of polish, but I never really saw many people giving it a try compared to the others! Good to see it make it up there!
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