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Released Pokémon Spectrum

This project has a release available. The full version is still a work in progress.

Spectrum Wiki
Pokémon Spectrum is a fan game being made by myself with Essentials and some other resources. I've been working on this on/off in my spare time since February 2014.

You are a person in a little known region, living in the small town of Lildune. However, an opportunity arises and you decide to go explore the region with all its native Pokemon that can't be found in other regions. There is an unknown world out there, with Gyms and Pokemon Trainers just like many other regions, along with myths and lore you must learn about for yourself. Can you catch them all, defeat them all, and rise to the top?

Demo Features:
  • 100+ fakemon
  • Spectrum forms of official Pokémon
  • 3 Gyms
  • New region
  • Animated sprites
  • Trainer customization
  • HM removal and misc QoL changes
  • Increased shiny rate

Demo Screenshots:

Pokédex (SPOILERS):

*******Download Links: ********
Current version: 1.4.3
RAR: https://mega.nz/#!gkgSnAiS!w06UdWKn3qrq-HxWZbrF5bFciV0rHuwLUzM2gFoE5SQ
ZIP: https://mega.nz/#!N5wiXC6K!bOQF0eo6pWkFyHfw-HsNjU3y4UFe_zGx8Tet47cbVKE

(Follow Instructions below first if you are using a previous version)
Updating instructions for people who want to keep their save file intact
Ver 1.3.x/1.4.x -> 1.3.x/1.4.x
Save in the middle of the Pokémon Center as shown in the screenshot for Ver 1.2 -> 1.3

Ver 1.2 -> 1.3
Before going to 1.3, do the following in 1.2 first and then save:
-If you are using an outfit other than the default (i.e. the one given from the woman in Sahara City) change it back to the default outfit first. (You can regain this outfit by talking to the woman again after moving to 1.3). This step is only necessary for 1.3.0. Ignore this if going to 1.3.1.
-Open the Pokédex and move the cursor to the first value in the Pokédex list (i.e. Kokoala). This step is only necessary for 1.3.0. Ignore this if going to 1.3.1.
-Make sure you save in this specific spot in a Pokemon Center to prevent passability issues with the map changes.

Ver 1.1 -> 1.2
The first thing to do is to set all the options back to their default settings. Some options in 1.1 don't exist in 1.2, so having contradicting settings will cause an error if you don't change these back.
Second, make sure you save in this specific spot in a Pokemon Center before going to the new version. There are so many map changes everywhere that this is the easiest way to make sure you don't end up stuck when you load up the new version.

When you load up the new game from a Pokemon Center, you should end up here:

Refer to the man in the black clothes:

That guy is Mr. Compatibility Man. I made him specifically to help solve changes I made between versions. Talk to him to initialize your following Pokémon. Kalahari Gym also gives out a new TM of a new move now, so if you're in Kalahari City, talk to him in the Pokémon Center to exchange your old TM for the new one. I made the event in way so it'll only work for players who beat the Gym before this release.

Game Freak

Game Freak
Creatures, Inc
Genius Sonority
Spike Chunsoft

===Music rips===

===New Pokemon Design===

===CNG's HGSS kit===
Crazyninjaguy - StarterKit
Poccil - Socket Methods, Window Rewrites, Graphics Module
Mechacrash & Kylock - Scale Window
trebor777 - Movie Player
SephirtothSpawn & Glitchfinder - Tilemap Rewrite
Blizzard - Map Connections

Kyledove and Speed

===Trainer Sprite rips===

===XY pokemon sprites===

===Evolution BG===

===Script Tutorials===

===Passability Debug Script===


===Pokemon Essentials Starter Kit===
*and others

===Credits for Elite Battle 2015===
• GameFreak | Original sprites from B/W/2 games
• Pokecheck.org | Ripping the sprites from B2/W2 roms
• Luka S.J. | Indexing and formatting the sprites
• dragonnite (Lucy) | GIF to PNG conversion
• Tebited15 | B/W styled trainer Red sprite
• Spriters-Resource (redblueyellow) | Gen 5 ball sprites
Battle Backgrounds:
• Eli | Ripping and compiling the backgrounds
Custom UI:
• Luka S.J. | Design, formatting and implementation
• Luka S.J. | Elite Battle System 2015
• Luka S.J. | Additional sprite manipulation methods and all new BitmapWrappers
• Luka S.J. | EditorScripts modification + PBS/pokemon.txt repositions
• Maruno | General help and support
• dragonnite (Lucy) | GIF to PNG converter
• Pokemon Essentials (Maruno + Poccil + Flameguru +contibutors) | Base system
Sound Effects:
• GameFreak | Original sound effects from B/W/2 games
• BadSamaritan | Ripping the sound effects

===Credits for the Gen 6 Project===
Project Organization:

Pokemon Sprites:

Pokemon Icons:

New Sprite animation, Title Screen, and Elite Battle System:
Luka S.J.

Sprite converter:

Item Icons/various sprite work:
Radical Raptr

PBS file editing:
Radical Raptr

Saving Raven
DL Kurosh


===BW2 Bag===
Graphics: http://www.spriters-resource.com/ds/pokemonblackwhite2/sheet/48047/
Backgrounds: Ripped with Desmume.
Edit: Erassus
Sounds: BadSamaritan

===BW kit===

===Hoenn Building tiles===

===Gen 5 tiles and rips===

===Other Gen 4 style tiles===

===Text bubbles===

===Lake tiles===

===Original BW Menu & Starter Select Script===

===Following Pokemon===

===Misc tiles===


==Overworld event shadows && other BW Essentials Scripts==

===Audio Module/Linker Script===
Nuri Yuri

===Unlimited Self Switch Script===

===Mach/Acro Bike Script===

===EBS v17.2===
GameFreak | Original sprites from B/W/2 games
Pokecheck.org | Ripping the sprites from B2/W2 roms
Luka S.J. | Indexing and formatting the sprites
PinkCatDragon | GIF to PNG conversion
Tebited15 | B/W styled trainer Red sprite
Spriters-Resource (redblueyellow) | Gen 5 ball sprites

Battle Backgrounds:
Eli | Ripping and compiling the backgrounds
lilatraube | Some B2/W2 battle bases

Custom UI:
Luka S.J. | Design, formatting and implementation

Luka S.J. | Elite Battle System
Maruno | General help and support
PinkCatDragon | GIF to PNG converter
Pokémon Essentials (Maruno + Poccil + Flameguru +contibutors) | Base system

Sound Effects:
GameFreak | Original sound effects from B/W/2 games
BadSamaritan | Ripping the sound effects

AceRidley406 | For move animation reference

===Easy Mouse System===
Luka S.J

Version 1.4.3
-Changed cries of Rypeck, Rybeak, Nimbian, Konimbus, Beelzebug
-Changed some NPC/trainer sprites (Sahara receptionists, Beauty, Battle Girl, Black Belt, Tuber, Bird Keeper, Schoolkid, Punk Girl, Biker, Fisherman)
-Adjusted some maps
-Fixed bug with Pokémon Center healing automatically after blacking out in a restricted location
-Fixed bug on Route 11 where turbine blades sometimes stay on screen after entering windmill
-Fixed bug where boats don't tint based on time of day
-Fixed bug where opponent's party status doesn't display properly in double battles with more than one opponent
-Fixed visual errors in Fly and Dark-type move animations
-Fixed bug where following Pokémon footsteps show in sand even when the following Pokémon isn't out
-Changed Dazzling Gleam to hit all opposing opponents in double battles
-Misc. event changes
-Updated Aychem front sprite

Version 1.4.2
-Fixed tile/passability errors
-Misc. event changes/bug fixes
-Fixed Metal Claw animation sound bug
-Added Medunaga and Ledian front shiny sprites

Version 1.4.1
-Fixed evolutionary stones
-Fixed icon sprite positions in Pokédex for larger sprites
-Fixed icon sprite visibility in PC box for larger sprites
-Readjusted Pokemon front sprite position in PC
-Updated Ratation, Revolster, and Junkster's following sprite
-Updated Revolster and Jestrio's back sprite
-Added more shiny sprites
-Fixed Pilove's shiny sprite
-Fixed tile/passability errors
-Fixed updating issue where Liz won't show up in 1.4 if player entered the Day Care in 1.3
-Made talking to Liz for the egg after beating her optional, since this could cause a softlock if the player game overs with a poisoned Pokémon immediately after beating her
-Updated disclaimer splash screen
-Fixed bug with Farm scientist not giving Pokémon even if player caught >= 30 Pokémon

Version 1.4.0
-Upgraded from Essentials 16.2 to Essentials 17.2. Associated changes are here: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307171833/https://pokemonessentials.wikia.com/wiki/Downloads
-Upgraded from EBS 2015 to EBS 17.2
-Increased screen size from 256x192 to 370x240
-Added mouse functionality in battle and for the start menu (toggleable in Options menu)
-Modified battle UI
-Redid party screen UI
-Redid Pokémon summary UI
-Redid Pokédex UI
-Rewrote some Pokédex entries
-Redid region map
-Redid Bag UI
-Redid Trainer Card
-Redid Pokémon Storage System UI
-Removed Withdraw/Deposit options
-Exiting from the Pokémon Storage System will now completely log the player out of the PC
-Redid Pokémon Center healing animation
-Redid Poké Mart UI
-Changed border design and changed border ratio so screen size can be adjusted to 16:9
-Changed default font to FRLG
-Changed battlebacks and battlebases
-Renumbered Routes
-Redid Gobi Forest
-Redesigned Gobi Village Gym
-Redesigned Kalahari City Gym
-Modified Route 5
-Modified Color Rock entrance
-Redid Route 6
-Added Kolora Outpost between between Sahara City and Kalahari City, which contains a Pokémon Center
-Removed all map connections from the game
-Updated Lass, Youngster, Breeder, Hiker, Young Couple, Poké Maniac, Poké Fan, Nite, Eve, Yucca, Stein, Gemma, Roy, Biv sprites
-Updated all Trainer transitions and added special transitions for Roy and Biv
-Newly available Pokémon: Mairkura, Buoychin, Inflatant
-Minor: Platsplash, Dropokol (formerly Kowomnut), Tumbli, Drygon, Muskle, Veneon, Ironeon, Parabox, Gondolog, Bubbelo
-Moderate: Dengo, Olvee, Tauring, Taurmera, Shrimbur, Volglee, Thorniust
-Major: Doongo, Nimbian, Komodon, Beelzebug, Larvuzz, Flydra, Velocisect, Drakeon, Bouldeon, Pesteon, Windeon, Chickatoo, Clownun, Jugduo, Jestrio, Eleclee, Waddalog, Apololo, Dianan
-Re-typed Tauring to Normal/Fighting
-New abilities
-Thorny: Identical to rough skin and Iron Barbs
-Bull Charge: Boosts next attack by 1.5x if received direct damage during the turn
-Updated receiving Badge animation
-Created new wild battle theme
-Added some following sprites
-Shortened wild/trainer battle transitions
-Throwing animation is now skipped in wild battles if a follower is out before the battle starts
-Shiny rate adjusted to 1/1024
-Added more shiny sprites
-Changed character dialogue and fixed typos
-Fixed bug with Paralyze Heal not being available at the Pokémon Center
-Fixed tile/passability errors

Version 1.3.3
-Fixed Bubbelo learnset
-Fixed Fly locations
-Fixed Stealth Rock, Cut, Water Pulse TM learnability
-Fixed tile errors
-Replaced duplicate Rock Tomb TM with Ominous Wind TM *Save files that have two Rock Tomb TMs will have one replaced upon loading the save
-Minor: Rypeck, Rybeak, Konimbus, Drabi, Weeemu, Stingidna, Echneedle
-Moderate: Ratation
-Animated front sprites: Konimbus, Myradeux, Beautifowl, Ratation, Stingidna, Echneedle, Banditcoot, Thornihor, Stonely, Elekid, Ninjask
-Animated back sprites: Kowomnut, Jumblitz, Psykapp, Krosbeak, Golweed, Komodon, Beautifowl, Prospegon, Ratation, Beackaneer, Echneedle, Panamba, Lootcoot, Waddalog, Jurode, Ammoflage, Parapupa, Bubbelo, Stonely, Scortur, Decaedile, Wresall, Vuudu, Eevee, Elekid
-Updated sprites/animations: Pyroo, Kokoala, Cocombat, Burspine, Paleoplate

Version 1.3.2
-Fixed tile/passability errors
-Fixed Nimbian NPC
-Fixed massage NPC
-Fixed elevator bug in Patagon City
-Fixed Gondolog bug in Wet Zone
-Added Krosbeak, Golweed, Medunaga high res back sprite
-Added Krosbeak, Golweed, Stereote, Echneedle, Medunaga, Banditcoot, Bomboil, Ninjask, Shedinja party icons

Version 1.3.1
-Fixed bugged character sprite if moved to 1.3 with customized outfit
-Fixed misc. tile and passability errors
-Fixed Pokédex numbering errors
-Fixed open Pokédex crash bug
-Fixed Harvest bug
-Fixed Dreamtime bug
-Fixed Sailor boat transfer in Patagon City
-Waddalog can now use Leaf Stone to evolve
-Fixed Sachet
-Added high res back sprite for Bombore, Stereote and Revolster
-Added Bombore and Revolster party icon
-Redesigned Revolster

-Added content up to 3rd Gym
-Backsprites have been upscaled and resprited to to be more consistent with the other sprites
-Improved some front sprites and their animations
-Updated most indoor tiles
-Party icon/box sprites replaced with follower sprites
-~30 new Pokémon
-Official Pokémon are either removed or replaced with Spectrum forms
-Ledyba, Spinerak, Smoochum, Nincada, Mime Jr, Happiny, Drilbur, Trubbish, Spritzee lines have been replaced with new forms
-Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Eeveelutions, Kangaskhan, Solrock, Lunatone, Druddigon lines are currently made unavailable
-Redesigned some Pokémon
-Minor: Kowomnut, Jumblitz, Taplat, Psykapp, Krosbeak
-Moderate: Kokoala, Cocombat, Prospegon, Gambiss (formerly Hisschance), Buildore
-Major: Beautifowl, Nimbian (formerly Pansurge), Konimbus (formely Simisurge; now Electric/Flying), Dreamare (formerly Pajambaz; now Normal/Psychic)
-Renamed some Pokemon
-Scaggot -> Scurgot
-Goblat -> Invarn
-Prospergon -> Prospegon
-Coalspine -> Burspine
-Modified encounters and trainer teams to reflect Pokémon changes
-Fishing mechanics overhauled to be a grid based minigame
-Dynamic trainer customization added
-Hats, shirts, pants, and gloves can be removed or mixed and matched
-Hair can be changed after reaching a certain point in the game
-Added more Olvee evolution locations
-New abilities
-Weather Report: Randomly changes the weather between sun, rain, and hail each turn
-Evasion Boost: Increases evasion by 1 stage at the cost of 1/8 HP each turn
-Steam: Increases evasion by 2 stages and takes no damage when hit by a water-type move. Evasion also increases in rain.
-Bloodsucker: HP-stealing moves heal for 100% of damage dealt
-Day Aura: Powers up Fire/Grass/Psychic/Electric/Fairy type moves
-Night Aura: Powers up Ice/Water/Dark/Ghost/Fairy type moves
-New moves
-Thorns: Grass-type physical attack that increases attack by one stage
-Champ Roll: Fighting-type biting move. Has chance to flinch
-Junk Toss: Poison-type physical move that does damage from 0.5x to 1.5x the user's level
-Contagion Drain: Poison-type HP-stealing moves that poisons if user is Poison-type
-Freeze Blade: Ice-type physical move with increased crit rate and chance to freeze
-Reduced wild encounter rate; increased number of free steps after an encounter before the possibility of a new encounter
-Removed the option for Switch battle style for balancing reasons
-Money lost from a black out is now half of the player's money
-Increased the price of items from shops
-Removed the option for full screen mode due to bugs with RPG Maker
-Updated Nite, Camper, Picnicker, Fire Breather, Bug Catcher, Punk/Roughneck, Ranger, Pokémon Center Nurse, and Anonymous sprites
-Story revamp
-Sunny/Sol replaced with Eve
-Many early game dialogue/characterization and event changes
-New New Game intro
-Improved visibility during night hours. Forest areas no longer have day/night tinting

Known bugs:
-Map connection lag in general and Route 9 lag; espc. on the southwest side
-Metronome doesn't work
-Status icons placed incorrectly in double battles
-Some party/box sprites cut off
-Unfinished follower sprites (followers don't change direction or aren't visible)
-Unanimated battle sprites
-Missing shiny sprites
-Walking NPCs don't animate when on bike

-Updated battle UI
-Updated storage UI
-Put the "Move" command on the top for convenience
-Updated Pokegear design and Pokegear UI
-Updated region map
-Updated badge case design
-Updated location signs
-Added new battle intro graphic for villainous team
-Fixed tinting in Kalahari houses
-Fixed some passability bugs
-Fixed event issue on Route 6
-Fixed possible event issue on Route 7
-Fixed follower talking twice bug
-Fixed map locations in pokedex
-Aychem follower now changes formes automatically
-Follower now disappears if it's fainted after a battle
-Did QC on Pokemon data (egg moves, heights, weights, stats, dex entries, etc)
-Added Stealth Rock and Leech Seed animations
-Added more Pokemon animations
-Moderate: Goblat
-Major: Hisschance, Charmeow
-The region's name is now "Kroma" (previously unnamed)
-Added dialogue and various events
-Major map changes to Pokemon Centers, caves, every outdoor map, and some indoor maps.
-Route 9 and Route 10 are now merged into one large route (Route 9). The maps are still split up internally to reduce lag.
-Flower Shop in Sahara City is removed. It will come into play later.
-Avoid saving in these maps before updating. If you are stuck, use your older version of the game to move your character to a safe spot (gates and most house interiors are unchanged, so try using these)
-Added new areas
-Tileset changes and various tile issues fixed
-Character sprites are now gen 5 style. Some redesigns and overworld sprite updates
-Misc sprite improvements
-Most Pokemon and Trainers are now animated in battle.
-Multiple Pokemon redesigns
-Minor: Spectrain, Rypeck, Rybeak, Platsplash, Minore, Coalspine, Crecoon, Pansurge, Pesteon
-Moderate: Cocombat, Flydra, Pajambaz, Parabox
-Major: Rotant, Eleclee
-Character customization now added
-Skin and hair color can be swapped
-Clothes can be unlocked through the game and changed at Pokemon Centers.
-Changed how NPC speech works. Speech bubbles now point to the character speaking
-Following Pokemon feature added. Currently only works with certain Pokemon (the ones with finished sprites). More sprites will be rolled out in later updates.
-New moves:
-Cocombat now learns a signature move called "Coconut Drop" at level 27. It's a physical Grass-type move that has a chance to confuse the opponent. Damage is based on the difference between the user and opponent's weight, similar to Heavy Slam.
-Wallopy learns a new move called "Fisticuff." It's a trapping move akin to Bind.
-Platsplash now learns a new move called "Mind Control." This does the same thing as Foul Play, except it's Psychic-type.
-Pajambaz now learns "Dreamtime" at level 23. This puts the user to sleep for two turns while raising its each of its stats by one stage.
-Pajambaz also learns "Sheep Count" at level 45. This has the same effect and accuracy as Spore except it may affect Grass-types.
-Minore learns Rocky Terrain. Reduces HP of non Rock-type, non airborne Pokemon everywhere on the field by 1/16 and cuts their speed for 5 turns
-Cut is now optionally available to use on any compatible Pokemon other than Aychem. You must get the TM separately from a new NPC hidden in a new area.
-Lowered encounter rate for cave areas
-Thunder Stone now obtainable from a NPC, making two new evolutions available (+ Jolteon)
-Drakeon is now in Gobi Village to get Pokemon Eggs
-Modified night time tinting for better visibility
-Updated music in every map along with most sound effects
-Updated the title screen and the intro leading up to it
-Updated the intro upon starting a new game
-Reduced the shiny rate slightly
-Reduced encounter rate of official Pokemon in wild battles and made them less frequent in Trainer battles.
-The game is now using essentials v16.1, so it comes with all of v16's standard features. Run toggle can be set in the options now rather than pressing the S key.
-Changed Pokedex and Summary GUIs
-2 new Pokemon lines added in a new area of the game
-Added a badge case to the trainer card
-Added Day Care checker scene made by -FL-. This is unlocked via a Pokegear app given by a NPC.
-Added shiny sprites for every animated Pokemon
-Second gym gives a new TM
-Misc minor bug fixes (typos, NPCs without dialogue, etc)
Known bugs:
-Changing formes in pokedex sometimes causes a crash
-Phazing moves cause the Pokemon brought in to reuse the move used by the previous Pokemon
-Bridges in general are buggy visually. Especially with followers
-Following Pokemon are cut off on map connections and may cause a crash if talked to while holding an item if they're on the other map(?)
-Follower formes don't change automatically
-Follower doesn't disappear after blacking out
-User's battle UI can get stuck on the pokedex screen upon catching a Pokemon
-Embargo doesn't work properly

-Enabled shading based on time of day
-Updated bag graphics to BW2 style (made by Erassus)
-Every catcheable Pokemon in this version now has a proper front/back sprite for their evolutions rather than filler or no sprite at all
-Fixed some sprites that didn't have a transparent background
-Added and improved some Fakemon party/PC icon sprites
-Improved movepools and abilities for some Fakemon
-Some Fakemon now evolve earlier
-Added more cries
-Added a few shiny sprites
-Added old rod encounters on every route with water
-Added an official Pokemon late in the demo I forgot to make available
-Added more TM compatibility with Fakemon
-Spectrain's forms now work properly
-Fixed bug with PokeMart NPC walking in place while healing Pokemon
-Fixed bug with oversized sprites in Pokedex
-A few tile improvements/fixes; only passability based changes are minor trees fixes in Gobi Forest
-Some tree tile and bridge event fixes in Gobi Forest
-Slightly improved some battle intro sprites
-Improved some overworld sprites
-Fixed bug with move route on Route 5
-Pokemon Center crash fixed
-NPCs added to block unfinished routes

Old version links (look above for newest update):
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Ohhhh man this is looking better than ever. I played this game a while back, and I love the vibrant colours of both the maps and the Fakemon, which are wonderful. I like the features you've added, such as following Pokémon and outfits!


Apr 19, 2017
Wow - this looks super cool so far. The plot seems nice and simple, which I like and the effort that's been put into the fakemon look amazing. I love it when people animate fakemon because it looks so much better than just having them static. I love the upgrade given to EBS. I think it gives a nice touch on the system and I really like that.

I will say that some of the maps in the development section look a bit empty, especially the first one. I feel like that looks kind of boring and plain. I'm also not a big fan of the Trubbish and Garbodor for one reason - it may confuse the player to see a totally different Pokemon. If you are going to change the way something looks, let people know about it, otherwise, it will lead to confusion.

However, with that being said, the game looks amazing. I can't wait to see where it goes.


Apr 1, 2017
Beautiful quality stuff as always kojo. The new forms feature is awesome, I also loved that you added a new fakemon to the Pan trio(Pansurge and Simisurge are now my favorites) I hope you do more of that for other pre-existing pokemon.

Involuntary Twitch

Pixel Artist & Writer
Apr 15, 2017
This is honestly one of my favorite fangames I have ever played. I even wrote a review expressing exactly how good I think it is, and with the upcoming update I'm positive it will become far better than before. The animated sprites, cool and creative fakemon designs, diverse and interesting region and excellent re-imagining of classic Pokemon elements make this an outstanding game that's both cool and fun to play. The fact that it's almost all the work of just Kojo makes it extra impressive.

Great work, and I can't wait to play future updates and explore more of the Kroma region! :D


May 7, 2017
Glad to see to that Pokemon Spectrum is going to continue being and is still in the works. Can't wait to see what the new update brings in person and looking forward to your progression on the project. The animated sprites are a really nice touch in the game and I love some of the designs in this game with Pyroo being one of my favorites. Fire starter for the win!
If I could make one suggestion on a pokemon could Pajambaz be one of those pokemon that changes its design between a pool of randomly generated patterns like Vivillon. I think it would be a clever thing to have quilt or design variations between Pajambaz and it would be one of those pokemon that will offer collectors a fun little sidequest to catch all the designs.
Also could you possibly send data to me or Techskylander about the pokemon in Spectrum to help us with updating the wikia with more precise information. Keep up the good work Kojo and look forward to the next update as Twitch said I can't wait to play the future updates and explore the Kroma region more.


Mar 23, 2017
I loved playing through this game when I did (probably about a year ago), all the inspiration for areas and Pokémon that you can get from Australia.

Usually I'm pretty iffy on Fakémon, I think the idea is nice but the execution is not so nice. This, along with how they tend to not blend very well with existing Pokémon, can make a game pretty iffy in terms of its monsters. However, I really like most of the Fakémon that are present in this game. I'm also pretty excited to see the sorta middle-ground you've introduced with having Fakémon alongside regional forms, it makes the line between your Pokémon and existing ones that bit more blurred which is nice.

Overall, I really like this game, I'm looking forward to seeing future updates.

Radical Raptr

Discord: RadicalRaptr#6969
I've never played a game like this before, its so reminiscent of the original pokemon, and totally nails the aesthetic of being on an adventure and playing an actual pokemon game.
a lot of games try too hard to be something they're not, but this game nails it with the original sprites, the sounds, and the UI design, everything.
The work you put into this is truly amazing, it's hard to believe you did all this without a team

The difficulty curve is very very steep, and I would consider lowering the encounter rate, the route with the flower patches and fences was a nightmare to traverse, and the gymleaders were nearly impossible (not to mention there was no place to grind properly)

The game was so much fun and I really enjoyed everything you did, and I can't wait to see what you do with it!
(also I thought the grass type was going to have a cool healing ability, not just some healing move...)


Annoying Twit
May 14, 2017
Yo when I saw that development was continuing on this game I was super excited, loved this game the first time I played it! I agree with @Radical Raptr on the difficulty scaling, I only just beat the second gym by the skin of my teeth, but the environment and Pokemon all made up for it for me in the end.

Also the kangaroo being fire/fighting is the one time I can't get mad about a fire/fighting starter.


Gen 5 Guru
Apr 1, 2017
How were you able to animate your sprites?


Not a Russian Troll
Mar 24, 2017


Gen 5 Guru
Apr 1, 2017
They use Luka's Elite Battle System plugin to make a more Gen 5-esque battle scene. To animate the sprites, the image files for the Pokémon are composed of strips of the frames of the sprite. I couldn't find an example of a spritesheet file online, but here's what the spritesheets would look like without EBS.
I know that, but how do they animate custom sprites? I have only gen 1 to 5 sprites animated and need to know how to animiate other ones


Jun 14, 2017
Made an account to just say that this is a pretty epic demo, had fun all the way through it and nabbed a few random shinies :D Looking forward to future updates!

Also quick question to anyone, does Parabox just evolve into Charmeow, or am I doing something wrong?


May 7, 2017
Hey umm. So is there a more recent updated version of the demo out?? I'm hoping to play through the whole thing and want Drakeon XD


Apr 1, 2017
Still working on it. Hoping to get an update out sometime in the next few months. Still some maps and events to finish. Battle sprite updates are pretty much done.




O thank god, I had feared the worst for this masterpiece. It's good to see it is not only still in development but the fact it looks improved and more polished than it was already is amazing.


Aug 25, 2017
Still working on it. Hoping to get an update out sometime in the next few months. Still some maps and events to finish. Battle sprite updates are pretty much done.




Digging the animated fakemon? coming out of the water


Fakemon Enthusiast
Sep 19, 2017
It's not common to see a fangame with fully animated sprites, including pokemon from gen 6 and above and fakemon. So far this project is looking nice and I'm excited to see it grow in the future. :>