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Display IVs in the summary screen with graphics

Resource Display IVs in the summary screen with graphics 1.0

Mr. Gela

Elite Trainer
Kiedisticelixer submitted a new resource:

Display IVs in the summary screen with graphics - Displaying stars to inform the player of the Pokémon IV's.

What's this?
Ever wanted to display IVs, but don't want to display them as numbers? That's just boring to me! With this resource you'll be able to show graphics (star graphics included) next to a Pokémon's stat in it's summary screen, allowing the player to judge by themselves.

Design notes
You might want to have a way to "Hyper Train" Pokémon in your game. IVs is not something people seek after in a fangame, is it? You won't see me resetting a hundred times for a...
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