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Trainer Intro: Looping BGM instead of ME

Resource Trainer Intro: Looping BGM instead of ME


Developer of Pokemon: Secrets of the Ages
boonzeet submitted a new resource:

Trainer Intro: Looping BGM instead of ME - Memorised the current BGM and plays a looping trainer intro, instead of a one-play ME

Pokemon Essentials is incredible, but one of the pain points for me was not being able to loop the Trainer Spotted themes. When I started using FMod for my project, the difference in functionality became noticeable.

This script memorises the current playing BGM, plays the Trainer spotted theme and uses the battle scripts to restore the theme back before launching the battle scene.

# Trainer Intro as...
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Love it! Had no idea how to restore the BGM. Only problem is that it plays the BGM for a second right before the battle begins.