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This project has a release available. The full version is still a work in progress.
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Welcome to the Cyano Region!

1. The Project
Hello, i am Maurili, I am the developer of Pokemon Lapis Lazuli, I made another game with the same title a long long time ago, I even completed it, but I never released it to the public, now I am making this new project and releasing it to the public, I need some feedback and things like that, I am using RPGMXP and Pokemon Essentials, i hope everyone likes it!

2.The Plot
The Cyano Region is a region of old legends and myths, one of these says about the mystical Pokemon, Jirachi, when the world was born and life filled the planet, Arceus created Jirachi to bring happyness to the new life of the planet, howrever the plan backfired as a war almost broke out, Arceus then made Jirachi sleep, only waking up once every one thousand years, only one thing can wake up Jirachi earlier, the melody from the legendary Azure flute, allowing one to have a wish before the period of one thousand years, until today no one knows the location of the Azure Flute...

3.The Characters
Your character, a trainer from Greentree Town, that wants to start they Journey trough Cyano Region!

Your rival, very competitive scientist, knows about EVS and IVS.

The friendly rival from the game likes cute Pokemon

The assistant of professor spruce, it's secretly a lorekeeper.

Team Hollow:
The Evil team, they are Illegal Pokemon trainers that don't have trainer cards and don't have money for pokeballs.

Adam: one of the Admins of team hollow, he's behind some of the evildoings of team hollow, is secretly another rival.

Project Genesis:
A good organization searching to protect the Cyano Region from all evil.

Content(of the demo):
The first gym and some alternate storyline.
Pokemon from gen 1-7!
20 minutes of gameplay?

None other than the region map is a placeholder
The gym music doesn't exist

Planned Content:

A somewhat epic storyline using a mystical pokemon, Jirachi, as it's center.
Two Evil teams!
Four Rivals to battle!

Progress Table:
Programmed the first gym, and the beginning of the plot and created a small side story.
Revamped the project to make it look a little better


Download: Lapis Lazuli.rar?dl=0

Oficial discord server:

If you want to join team Azure (the dev team) feel free to do so on the Server!


Maruno-Pokemon Essentials
Richard PT-Unknow Script
Umbreon-Level Balancing Script
shiney570-Advanced Starter Selection.
Luka S.J.-Scripts- Title Screen, PauseMenu, Advanced Transitions.
Marin-Scripts-Fast-forward, QuicksaveScript, NPC Shadows Script.
Cast-FRLG NPC Overworld Variants
Ulithium_Dragon- Sprites
(Sorry if I missed any)
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