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Resource Boss HAs: Life Force + Carnage Wings (Xerneas + Yveltal)


"IDOLA" the Evil Carnation
Apr 19, 2017
Snewper submitted a new resource:

Boss HAs: Life Force + Carnage Wings (Xerneas + Yveltal) - Extra "boss abilities," intended for NPC usage only to enhance difficulty.

Here are a couple of abilities that I have worked on and tested back in v16.2 Essentials; currently untested with v17.2 Essentials, but it should work unless otherwise reported. Simply put them in the script section PokeBattle_Battle. Locations vary within the script depending on which ability you're dealing with.

Life Force (AKA "Natural" Leftovers) - Find the following in PokeBattle_Battle:
#Held Berries/Leftovers/Black Sludge

Place this directly above it:...
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