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Relearning any level-up move

Resource Relearning any level-up move

Mr. Gela

Elite Trainer
Kiedisticelixer submitted a new resource:

Relearning any level-up move - Similar to Gen 7, a small addition to make the Move Reminder teach future level-up moves.

What's this?
Since Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, any Pokémon can learn any level-up move with the use of the Move Reminder and a Heart Scale.

Design notes
Be creative! The Move Reminder in Alola is present at almost the end of the game, so you cannot teach very powerful moves to your Pokémon right away. If the Move Remidner is available early on in your game, make sure the required item/currency is scarce, so that it won't break the game's difficulty curve!...
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