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Warlord of the North

"It was a time of chaos"

Pokémon Conquest: Shogun's Path is a new fanmade game project made with RPG Maker XP - Pokemon Essentials. It is based on the original Pokemon Conquest game featuring a more serious content and an expanded storyline.

• Experience the legendary history of the Sengoku era from the reign of Oda Nobubaga to the Ieyasu Tokugawa's Edo Period through the RPG style gameplay of Pokemon Conquest: Shogun's Path features!

• Battle lots of great, notable warriors and warlords, join forces with them, explore and uncover the secrets of Ransei and meet with all Pokemon up to 7th Generation! Show the world of Ransei your path for the title of the Shogun!

• The gameplay experience will be separated in three different chapters with a unique story each, following the flow of the historical events! However, the game project will include all chapters on the single release (Not episodes style)

Ransei Region, a land of Warriors and Pokémon and the ties that bind them together...Through years, the region, was on an endless scale of wars and long lasting battles. These increasingly brutal battles were the Warrior's own Pokémon to grow weary.
Each Kingdom with their respective Warlord/Ruler had it's own truths and ideals to protect but also their own ambitions and desires to achieve. Most of them were seeking the elusive... Legendary Pokémon, while some others wanted to use their power in order to preserve peace.
But there was a certain man, whose ambitions were aiming higher than just that... His skill and determination surpassed every person in Ransei. But that man chose a darker path in order to achieve his desire. He brought destruction to anyone who stood against him... His one goal was to unify all Kingdoms and become the rightful ruler, the Shogun! Once called "the fool", he gradually spreads his army along with the the powerful Dragon-Type Pokemon by his side through the region and rises to power! It was a time of chaos... The region was separated in two and the great battle of Ransei had begun! Two great Warlords gazed each other preparing for their grand battle...This is when a new page in the future of Ransei will be written, as an ancient legend of the past, was brought back to life... The war for Ransei was far from over...



Here are some features this game will replace compared to the original games

✔ Pokédex will be the Gallery instead, which
will serve as alternative.

Linking with Pokémon instead of using Pokéballs.

✔ Some HMs will no longer included.
Cut for example will be replaced with a key item,
a sword which the player will use to get past trees and other obstacles.
Surf, Fly and a few more will remain as HMs.

✔ The player will be able to change Pokémon(Deposit or Withdraw) from his/her party at any time as there will be no PCs
the linking system will include this (of course without healing them on the transfer)

✔ No Badges (The Kingdoms will play a good role regarding the "Gyms and Badges" of the original
games). This feature will be added after you finish the main storyline.

✔ Almost all Pokémon available up to Gen 7including Legendaries and Mega Evolutions however,
(Some Pokémon like Porygon, Mewtwo or Type:Null, which were created by humans with the use of advanced technology will not exist.)
Instead there will be some Fakémon to replace them.

New moves and TMs

Lots of new custom items

Rideable Pokémon

Pokémon Conquest style dialogues

Tons of events and different things to do both in the main storyline and after the completion of it.
PWT System, minigames, Battle Frontier and many more.


More than 40 unique characters (Some custom-newly added)
with their own role and storyline within the game.
(Rivals, friends, antagonists, allies - lots of roles included)

-What may be added later-

Multiple choices/decisions that will affect the gameplay experience
Quest System
Level Cap 100+ (due to long storyline)
Character Ranking (Like on Pokémon Conquest)
Bond Pokémon Tranformation (Ash's Greninja style) within the linking
Bushido Forms (New Ransei Pokemon Forms (Like Alolan)
More Revamped Conquest Characters

We're open for your own suggestions as well! Feel free to share your thoughts on how we
can improve the game project! New features will be added, so don't forget to check for further updates!


Attention: The scenes within the cinematic trailer are originated
from the original Samurai Warriors games made by Koei,
as well as the Pokémon games and movies.




Notable Quote: "The sounds of our rebellion will echo through the panels of history!"

Motochika Chōsokabe, is an artistic and mature leader who is deeply moved by the loyalty of his men. He is the Warlord of the Kingdom of Fontaine, and is encountered early within the game. Motochika challenges the main Hero/Heroine to prove themselves to him with an invasion at the Kingdom of Aurora. After your first encounter with him, he joins the heat of battle through his desire for revenge and a true rebellion against Nobunaga. Connected to the tides of history, he wants the lost lives in the war —as well as his name— to never be forgotten. Though seemingly quiet and introverted, he is a rebel who feels he should never accept an intangible fate. Motochika is a veteran of Water-Type Pokémon.

Notable Quote: "For my love, I will go to the ends of the earth and back!"

Lady Oichi is a kind individual who believes in her loved ones. She is the sister of Oda Nobunaga, the ambitious man who begun the Conquest of Ransei! She once enjoyed Nobunaga's company since he was kind and gentle, but once his behavior soured, she distanced herself from him.
Oichi misinterprets her brother's ambition and fears he wants to destroy all of Ransei. To escape the war he commits to waging, Oichi runs away from her home, Dragnor, with her beloved Pokémon partner Jigglypuff. She plays an important role within the game, as she happens to appear from the first scene, in the Kingdom of Aurora and meet with the hero/heroine. When Motochika's men invade the Kingdom, she team up with the player in order to repel the attack. Lady Oichi is married to Azai Nagamasa, Warlord of the Kingdom of Spectra.

Notable Quote: "The Dragon of the North has come to conquer!"
The One-eyed Dragon, one of the most powerful and arrogant warlords of Ransei, Masamune rules the Kingdom of Avia. Masamune recognize Nobunaga to be his superior in military power and strength. Although he desires to conquer Ransei for himself, he is rational enough to acknowledge that he is currently too weak to overthrow Nobunaga. For the sake of his ambition, Masamune surrenders to Nobunaga and schemes to one day have enough power to claim the land in his own name. Though labeled as an upstart by his enemies, he is actually quite clever
and is capable of turning the tides of the battle with his plots. He uses Dragon, Flying and Electric-Type Pokémon.

Notable Quote: "My warrior's spirit burns with the flame of justice!"
Yukimura is a valiant warrior who fights until the bitter end. Under the training of Takeda Shingen, a legendary class warlord of Ransei, and ruler of Terrera. Yukimura is a man who values duty above all else. He possesses unforeseen bravery even when he's faced with overwhelming odds,
passionate in his task to defeat the enemy. He is the second in command of the Sanada clan, and has an older brother, Sanada Nobuyuki who is the current head (of the clan). Sanada Yukimura will face the main hero/heroine many times within the storyline, as part of his ultimate training in order to become the most powerful warrior in Ransei! Yukimura couldn't use no other than Fire and Fighting-Type Pokémon which resemble the burning spirit of his character.

Story (Writting): 70%
Events (Including NPCs): 8%
Dialogues (Including NPCs): 5%
Maps (Overworld): 40%
Maps (Interior & Caves): 15%
Mechanics (RGSS - Scripts): 15%


Trainer Sprites: 75%
Fakemon Sprites: 30%
Overworld Sprites: 60%

-UI & Music-

Graphics (Custom Menus and related stuff): 5%
Audio (Music and Sound Effects): 70%


Scripter - We are currently experiencing some issues regarding the graphical interface, we need someone experienced enough in RGSS who can help with the creation of a custom graphical UI in the needs of the project as well as in general scripting (Mechanics)

Eventer/Writter - Also, we only have one "eventer" for the game building process, resulting in slow progress. Anyone who's familiar with RPG Maker XP - Pokemon Essentials and have basic knowledge of it can help as an eventer for the project. We also need a good writter who can work on the "script" part in order to improve the quality of the text and dialogues...

Mapper - The final position we're looking for your help, is mapping. We've done quite intresting progress on this part,
but still, we intend to improve the already existing maps of the project. So, we would appreciate your help as a mapper who can create some complexed and detailed overworld and interior maps. I will provide you with all the neccessary tilesets for you to begin with.

If you're interested to help in any of these ways, you can add me on discord
my ID: Raios#6009


Raios: Lead Writter, Mapper, Eventer
Wystogan(SnakeMasterz): Mapper

Spriter Team

Duncapham: Spriter (Overworlds/Trainers)
Tox_Shadows: Spriter (Overworlds)



Koei Temco Europe Ltd
Nintendo Gamefreak
Luka S.J
Derek & Brandon Fiechter

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This game is looking very nice! I have to say the mapping looks really nice. The idea is something I've been looking around for, for some time. Are the overworld sprites custom made, or were they from HGSS? I can't quite tell...


Warlord of the North
This game is looking very nice! I have to say the mapping looks really nice. The idea is something I've been looking around for, for some time. Are the overworld sprites custom made, or were they from HGSS? I can't quite tell...
Most of the sprites are custom made. We try to resemble Conquest - Samurai Warriors version. Its not that easy but we're doing our best to accomplish making them from scratch.


Warlord of the North
That's awesome! Making stuff from scratch is hardwork, but in the end it really pays off doesn't it?
Of course it does, it increases the quality as well as the gameplay experience. Considering this kind of game which story-content is based on the historical events, the character design/sprite concept is a key factor.
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Have they found the One Piece yet
It just now hit me what the world map is. Cute. :3


Warlord of the North
This game looks so dope. I cant wait until it release. I personally like Pokemon Conquest on the NDS. Hope I can play it any time soon.:blush:
I'm glad that you like it. It's been about 3 months since we started working on this project so there is lot of work to do in order to make it fully playable.Still, if everything goes well and find some more people to join our project team, we expect to have the demo release within 2018.


I love what you are doing here. Pokemon Conquest is one of my favorite games, and I was very sad to find out that they weren't going to make a sequel to it. This looks like the next best thing possible, so if you need a mapper or eventer just let me know. I would love to see this come true.

PS. I love the sprite for the main character it is kind of adorable in sprite form!


Warlord of the North
We're doing our best to make the game as good as possible both in story and gameplay quality.
We'll soon post new updates regarding our progress.

I love what you are doing here. Pokemon Conquest is one of my favorite games, and I was very sad to find out that they weren't going to make a sequel to it. This looks like the next best thing possible, so if you need a mapper or eventer just let me know. I would love to see this come true.

PS. I love the sprite for the main character it is kind of adorable in sprite form!
Also, Blankface345, I've sent you a direct message about how can you help with the project.
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I want to ask you give raichu bond form it would be cool to see this since I seen boshido forms so I don't think alolan form would be needed it will be cool if you will give raichu bond form and to be fair give chestnut and delphox bond forms so both won't be weaker than greninja and to be fair to the two starters of kalos who didn't got anything spicel unlike greninja if you ask why I want bond raichu since alolan raichu is weak as regular raichu so players would want use raichu
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I just stumbled on this project today and it looks really cool, I loved Pokemon Conquest and didn't think anyone else did. It's 2018 now, how is the game's progress? Are you still working on it?

PS I made an account just so I can respond to this thread XD


Warlord of the North
The game is still in progress, however we experience some issues with our game development team We need more people to work with the project. (Eventers and RGSS Scripters)This was the reason the project drastically slowed us down. Either way we will continue to make progress and soon there will be a new update in the forum post.