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Learning a particular move upon evolution

Resource Learning a particular move upon evolution

Mr. Gela

Elite Trainer
Kiedisticelixer submitted a new resource:

Learning a particular move upon evolution - Translating a new evolution feature to Pokémon Essentials.

What's this?
In Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, a certain mechanic was introduced for the first time: Upon evolution, certain (and most) species will always learn a special move. For example, no matter at what level does your Alolan Pikachu evolve, Alolan Raichu will always attempt to learn Psychic.

Design notes
This is particularly useful for Pokémon that gain a type after evolving, as they might not have an appropriate STAB to use afterwards. For example, in Generation 6,...
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Hi guys! If you are having problems with this resource and you're using EBS, I have the solution!

First, go to EliteBattle_Scene, and look for "for i in movelist", as Kiedisticelixer does in the original post. You'll see this:

	for i in movelist
		if i[0] == @pokemon.level
		 # learning new moves
		 pbLearnMove(@pokemon,i[1],true) { self.update }
Add this below "for i in movelist":

		if i[0] ==0
			 pbLearnMove(@pokemon,i[1],true) { self.update }
The reason why this didn't work without editing EBS' scripts, is because it uses its own evolution scene. Because of that, you have to edit that scene instead of the original one.

Credits to:
Luka S.J. (thanks for helping me with this ^^)