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Released Pokémon Tengai

This project has a release available. The full version is still a work in progress.


What are you here to do?

You've awoken in a cool, underground lab. You're not human, but not Pokémon. You move your freshly built mechanical body out of the machine. During your creation process, you've been asked questions, but not given any answers for yourself. Picking up the presents left behind for you, you make your way up to the surface. In front of you a maze sprawls, and, not too far on the horizon a tower, taller than the clouds, looms over the landscape. Why are you awake? What are you needed for? You set off on a journey to find out...​

This game was made during Relic Castle Game Jam 7.

Game Download:

v1.J, base jam release
Quick patch (fixes any previously stated bugs in the thread)


Mashirosakura (writing, eventing, mapping, spriting)
Makattack202 (trainer sprites)
PDM20 (tester)
Haunted Ditto (tester)


You can go down any of the three paths from Soarington, in any order. Please bear in mind you'll be blocked out of going through them at parts of the story.
Quests are colour coordinated:
- Green Quests are Main Story Quests.
- Cyan Quests are vital to progressing the main story.
- Red Quests are optional.
There are a few small errors that do pop up:
- Something related to Cubone's Fling (about is_TR?).
- Following Pokémon interact weirdly with some tile passibility, and with the Surf item.
- The Inn's Healing Rune can cause an error upon fainting. Make sure you save frequently if you are bound to this rune.

Resource Pack:
Tengai Resource Pack


"Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
Poccil (Peter O.)

With contributions from:
AvatarMonkeyKirby, Marin, Boushy, MiDas Mike, Brother1440, Near Fantastica, FL., PinkMan, Genzai Kawakami, Popper, Golisopod User, Rataime, help-14, Savordez, IceGod64, SoundSpawn, Jacob O. Wobbrock, the__end, KitsuneKouta, Venom12, Lisa Anthony, Wachunga, Luka S.J. and everyone else who helped out.
"mkxp-z" by:
Roza, based on MKXP by Ancurio et al.

"RPG Maker XP" by:

Pokémon is owned by:
The Pokémon Company
Affiliated with Game Freak

This is a non-profit fan-made game.
No copyright infringements intended.
Please support the official games!

[*]The Pokemon Rejuvenation team (Lab only)
[*]Ekat ft. Vurtax, Heartlessdragoon, shyinn and thedeadheroalistair (Other tilesets)
[*]Elira/Randy trainer sprites & player backsprites by Makattack202
[*]All other NPC sprites, trainer sprites and UI by Mashirosakura
[*]Quest UI by ThatWelshOne_, modified by Mashirosakura

[*]Bloody Tears (Remix) ~ Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (intro music)
[*]Ruins of Alph remix (Ancient Ruins)

[*]Sakura (Hidden Maze)
[*]Crossroads (Mirai Cave)
[*]The Frostlands Remix (Settlement Outskirts)
[*]Icirrus City (Watchtower/Insides)
[*]Pokemon Halloween Mix (Aural Tunnel)
[*]Circester (Frozen Underwoods)
[*]Lake of Rage (Glazed Lakeside)
[*]Hoenn Surf Theme Remix (Hovering)
[*]Shoal Cave Remix V.II (Cutscene)

#Pokémon (2019)_Pokémon Journeys OST - Yuki Hayashi
[*]Let's Go In Stride (Soarington)
[*]Stealthy Steps (Soarington Inn)
[*]Mysterious Phenomenon (Mazes)
[*]Mysterious Riddle (Tengai Tower)
[*]Team Rocket Running Through the Galaxy (Inst Ver.) (Elira's theme)
[*]Fast!! (Twizzler's theme)
[*]Ash and Goh (A Battle)
[*]Solemn Sentimental Time (Cutscene)
[*]So Nerve-wracking (Cutscene)
[*]I Think So (Cutscene)
[*]Faith in the Future (Cutscene)

#Atelier Sophie (Gust)
[*]Bar Time (Bustling) (Randy's theme)

#Atelier Ryza
[*]Bashfully Across the Ledge (Shop)
[*]Sun Water (Mirai Cave)
[*]Count the Constellations (Mirai Cave Depths)
[*]Funny Face (Cutscene)
[*]Days of Ocean Colors (Acoustic Ver. by Kazuki Yanagawa) (Cutscene)

#Blue Reflection
[*]OVERDOSE (Wild Battle)
[*]Hallucination & Hope (Twizzler)
[*]Toshitake -Toryu- (Elira)

#Gen 8 Project
Battler Sprites:
[*]Gen 1-5 Pokemon Sprites - veekun
[*]Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon X/Y Sprite Project
[*]Gen 7 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
[*]Gen 8 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project

Overworld Sprites:
[*]Gen 1-5 Pokemon Overworlds - MissingLukey, help-14, Kymoyonian, cSc-A7X, 2and2makes5, Pokegirl4ever, Fernandojl, Silver-Skies, TyranitarDark, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Milomilotic11, Kyt666, kdiamo11, Chocosrawlooid, Syledude, Gallanty, Gizamimi-Pichu, 2and2makes5, Zyon17,LarryTurbo, spritesstealer
[*]Gen 6 Pokemon Overworlds - princess-pheonix, LunarDusk, Wolfang62, TintjeMadelintje101, piphybuilder88
[*]Gen 7 Pokemon Overworlds - Larry Turbo, princess-pheonix
[*]Gen 8 Pokemon Overworlds - SageDeoxys, Wolfang62

Icon Sprites:
[*]Gen 1-6 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Alaguesia
[*]Gen 7 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Marin, MapleBranchWing, Contributors to the DS Styled Gen 7+ Repository
[*]Gen 8 Icon Sprites - Larry Turbo, Leparagon

Cry Credits:
[*]Gen 1-6 Pokemon Cries - Rhyden
[*]Gen 7 Pokemon Cries - Marin, Rhyden
[*]Gen 8 Pokemon Cries - Zeak6464

PBS Credits:
[*]Golisopod User, Zerokid, TheToxic, HM100, KyureJL, ErwanBeurier

Script Credits:
[*]EBS Bitmap Wrapper - Luka S.J.
[*]Gen 8 Scripts - Golisopod User, Maruno, Vendily, TheToxic, HM100, Aioross, WolfPP, MFilice, lolface, KyureJL, DarrylBD99, Turn20Negate, TheKandinavian, ErwanBeurier

Compilation of Resources:
[*]Golisopod User, UberDunsparce

Porting to v19:
[*]Golisopod User

#Following Pokémon EX
[*]Golisopod User, Help-14, zingzags, Rayd12smitty, Venom12, mej71, PurpleZaffre, Akizakura16, Thundaga, Amrin (Fairies Resource Pack)

#Modern Quest System

#Overworld Shadows EX
[*]Golisopod User, Wolf PP, Marin

#Voltseon's Pause Menu
[*]Voltseon, Golisopod User, ENLS

[*]LostSoulsDev/carmaniac, PurpleZaffre, Golisopod User

#Name Window

#HM Items
[*]Marin, Leondra, TechSkylander, Mashirosakura

#Encounter Modifier
[*]Golisopod User

#Allowing Pokémon to randomly generate with their Hidden Abilities
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Boat Jam, Boat Jam
Aug 16, 2017
Excited to play Tengai, watching you work on this in the Relic Discord's VC was fun and I bet it will be even better to play.


??? Pokémon
Apr 19, 2017
Decided to give this a try, and found 'Malfunctioning Rogans' inability to fight with Cubone due to a real actual error somewhere, absolutely hilarious. Name on point, lol. Enjoying it so far, though.


With my wishes frozen in time and long forgotten
May 25, 2017
Quick patch to fix a problem with the story being unable to progress after the first maze. Just extract it into the main folder, and make sure you're either below the stairs in front of the Inn after the first maze, or to the right of the Inn.


Hoothoot enthusiast
Dec 18, 2019
Just finished my playthrough up until the game isn't letting me progress further. As a pre-warning, my review is going to look mostly negative through the much longer con list. That isn't the case- I think this is a very well put together and pretty game that is absolutely worthy of your time.

  • The mapping. I mean, it's gorgeous, what else is there to say? Everything felt so organic and lively, Ekat's tiles were absolutely used to the fullest here. That being said, I wasn't a fan of just how much snow there was. It would be nice to see a bit less of it.
  • Balancing was on point, I never felt too weak or strong. The levels even scaled after certain story events which was a welcome change. My only moment where I felt off balance was at the beginning, where most things were either Ice, Grass, or Ground type and couldn't really stand up to most Outskirts Pokemon.
  • Twizzler! I mean, he's charming, what else is there to say?
    The story is always intriquing, and I like the semi-dystopian cyborg/robot era you have going on. I was particularly struck when we first leave the ruins maze and Elia turns to reveal her cyborg half- I was really caught off guard, and it's a moment that stuck in my head and kept with me for the rest of my playthrough.
  • Open worlds are always nice, so I approve here.
  • The game design. This is where most of, if not all of my points are stuck. I recognize this is a new type of game for Pokemon, the open world thing isn't really done a whole lot. However there were too many issues for me not to take note of it here. Things of note include:
  • Trees being passable from behind and how often that was used for normal progression. I found this very distracting, I was constantly looking through trees to find the next section of route I could actually travel through.
  • The runes. The game teaches you through tutorial that they're on giant walls at the start, which I thought was pretty noticable. However past that first rune, they're all found on very easy to miss small 1-wide pillars, and don't have any visible indicators besides a slight green coloring that wasn't too dissimilar to vines. This was made worse by me playing during night-time.
  • Vines. During the forest maze, the game clearly taught me that vines = cuttable object. So, logically, I tried to cut all the vines. Some weren't, some were. This was very distracting, and most times disappointing, for me as a player.
  • NPCs. All of them were named, and it was very hard to keep track of them. Sometimes they would change their dialogue between story events, too, with little to no physical indication of this. So every time a story event occured, I had to go around and re-check every single house and every NPC. It was tedious.
  • Finally, there was the sidequests. Side quests has two words in it, side and quest. These quests were neither side nor were they quests. They were all mandatory to game progression, and I found them all a bit exhausting. None of them even really required anything challenging of me. A good example of how to do sidequests well would be Nightshade, Ekat's game from the last jam. There were a large variety to pick from at any given time and also tied into the story itself with her park ranger-esc duties. Here, these feel like long chores given to you by NPCs that you're forced to do... Because. They don't tie into the story, and they certainly aren't very engaging.
  • The music is really distracting. Both the battle music tracks and atmospheric tracks are nice in their own ways, but constantly switching between the super high energy battle themes and the super low energy (basically lo-fi at some points) overworld themes is a bit overwhelming.
Overall, I think this is a game that's worth playing. However, there are very too many game design issues for me to highly recommend it until these things are fixed, unfortunately. After the game design is improved a bit, though, I'm sure this will be an awesome game for everyone to play! Even if they don't get fixed, it's still worth playing through to experience all of these issues on your own and see how they can be fixed/avoided in your own games.
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With my wishes frozen in time and long forgotten
May 25, 2017
Quick patch to fix a softlock that can occur in Mirai Cave, and someone not showing up near the Tower. Just extract it into the main folder, and make sure you're at least 4 tiles below the steps of Tengai Tower.


With my wishes frozen in time and long forgotten
May 25, 2017
Quick patch to fix tile passability errors, an inability to talk to everyone for the "neighbour talking" section, and the prices of DanDan's shop being higher than they actually were (along with actually showing which move the TMs are)


I catch...Pokémon I guess...?
Aug 10, 2020
Hi there! I just finished Tengai, and I really enjoyed it!👍
  • The mapping was the best part of the game! I really liked the map designs and the way you used Ekat's tiles. The areas felt organic, and it was fun to explore them.
  • The puzzles were great! My favourite would be the strength puzzles.
  • I liked the quest system, but some of the quests weren't very fun to do (e.g. Cary and Ilsya). It was also difficult to remember everyone's names.
  • The balance was spot on! It was challenging and I blacked out a few times, but it wasn't too bad.
  • The Pokemon selection was pretty good, especially for a game that's mostly made of snowy areas!
  • I appreciate the teleport pads and healing pillars, they were very convenient. 🙂
Overall, I had a great time playing Pokémon Tengai and I will certainly play any future content. Great work on this!