1. PokeMVdeveloper

    PokeRide & Ride Pager new graphics 1.0

    1. I liked the sprites that came with the PokeRide Script, but I thought there could be more, so I made my own for this resource. 2. Just paste the graphics into your PokeRide Folder if you used PokeRide Script. 3. If you want more PokeRide and other graphics, I upload new sprites daily on...
  2. Ozander

    v18 Modular Title Screen Intro Error in v18

    Hi I get this error when I type in the modular title screen for example: "intro: 1" Does anyone know how to fix this error?
  3. Marin

    How to publish a resource

    How to publish a resource If you've written your very own script or resource, you want to publish it somewhere online so that others can use it in their projects and enrich their game and users' experience. Submitting Tutorials & Resources We have our very own Resource Manager where you can...