1. The cool Treecko

    Items overworld tileset 0.0.2

    Tired of having only a good ol' pokeball as your item overworld sprite? This resource presents an overworld tile for every item! This is a WIP so for now it has all type tm's, feathers, evolutionary stones and misc items like repel, pearls, nugget and mushrooms. How to use: simply use a photo...
  2. PokeMVdeveloper

    Pokemon Eeveelution Rides 1.0

    Hello ! Heyyy! Everyone i'm finally completed the pokeride graphics of Eeveelution with (male protogist Red) Female Protongist i will update this soon if i able thank you. Enjoy!!! ;) Screenshots :- Boy_Jolteon Boy_Vaporeon Boy_Flareon Boy_Umbreon Boy_Espeon Boy_Leafeon Boy_Glaceon...
  3. PokeMVdeveloper

    Flame Puddle 1.0

    Hello Guys ! [/SPOILER] Check new Feature for Pokemon Essential Easy to Install. :) Here is a small demo Video to show you all how it's work :- All step for installing are given in resource Download Link :- 👉Click Here👈 # Extra Info # This script is also compatible with Pokemon Following EX...
  4. Sully

    Simple Guide to Picture Text Boxes

    This guide will show you the very basics of using Show Picture to make customized text boxes via pictures and eventing, feel free to deviate from this guide as you see fit. Graphics You will need in your game folders: a blank 96x32 image in Graphics\Icons (named 1a in this guide) a blank 80x80...
  5. A

    Some recolors I made.

    I posted them on Reddit too. They are gen 1-2 graphics, mainly tiles, but I'll make some sprites too. I've used their FR/LG colors. Pretty happy with them, especially the cutted log.
  6. TheCrafters001

    Showdown to Essentials Converter

    Showdown to Essentials Converter is a open-source software that is made by me to help my friend convert the format Pokemon Showdown uses into the format Pokemon Essentials uses. This program tries its best to take the format from showdown and convert it into a format that Pokemon Essentials can...
  7. PokeMVdeveloper

    Hgss_Overworld_Starter_Kit 1.0

    😇 Hello Guys😇 Here i come with my new Graphics Resources for you all. After a so much hard work i made some Hgss syle Graphics for you. In this resource, I got for you a All Sprite Sheet Kit with Pokérides and I also added outfits with Pokérides . If You're using this PokeRide Script then...
  8. Marin

    How to publish a resource

    How to publish a resource If you've written your very own script or resource, you want to publish it somewhere online so that others can use it in their projects and enrich their game and users' experience. Submitting Tutorials & Resources We have our very own Resource Manager where you can...