gen 4

  1. BiggusWeeabus

    SwSh Styled Platinum Battle Interface 2021-04-10

    "Remastered" Pokémon Platinum battle Interface in the style of Sword/Shield's interfaces. Note the buttons aren't exactly identical to Sword/Shield's, i made it with my own icons + the Futura Bold Italic font (The RSE/DPPt logo font) You will need to replace your PokeBattle_SceneElements with...
  2. VanillaSunshine

    ALL Official Gen 4 Overworld Sprites v1.5

    ** This resource is intended as an add-on to Mr. Gela's Gen 4 and 5 Trainer sprites and PBS. However, using Mr. Gela's resource is not necessary for these OWs to work! Oh, to have a (mostly) full collection of HGSS and DPPt overworlds, formatted for RMXP... I did it for you! Using...
  3. TechSkylander1518

    Character Customizing Pack: Watering N/A

    More character customizing! Woo! This is a pack for a watering berries sprite! Essentials doesn't have that on its own, but Ulithium_Dragon has a great resource for implementing it here! Pretty straightforward, just layer them on top of each other in an image editing program, merge it all...
  4. TechSkylander1518

    Character Customization Pack: Swimming N/A

    I really love Poltergeist's Character Customization Resource, and I wanted to make some expansion packs for some other spritesets! This one is for swimming (not surfing) in the overworld! Only the characters' head and hands are visible, so this pack only includes hairstyles, hats and...
  5. DiegoWT

    Pokémon Gen 5 Characters in Gen 4 OW style 1.5

    Hey there, how are you all? I'm sharing with you this pack containing most OW characters from the Gen 5 games remade in the Gen 4 style. (Tilesets by UltimoSpriter and me | OW Shadows by Marin) The pack isn't complete, but there's already a good quantity of characters for you to use. And...