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  1. Hematite

    Second Regions

    A concept that I find interesting is that of having a second region in your game, whether a new one altogether or revisiting a past one like in GSCHGSS. It seems like it's a pretty popular feature, so I figure it's worth discussing, right? What did you enjoy about revisiting Kanto? What could be...
  2. Hematite

    Project Names

    I'm kinda wondering where everyone gets these, so I felt it would be appropriate to make a thread and ask everyone at once. What is the significance of your game's name?
  3. Hematite

    Resource Some Helpful Organizational/Editing Spreadsheets

    Hematite submitted a new resource: Some Helpful Organizational/Editing Spreadsheets - Spreadsheets to help to arrange information for your game, some even exportable for your game's PBS! Read more about this resource...