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  1. Radical Raptr

    Completed Pokémon Suit & Tie

    It has something to do with the footprints an following pokemon - it may have something to do with my first pokemon in the party being fainted, and my next pokemon walking on the sand and the footprints might have gotten messed up, I'm unfamiliar with the scripts tho
  2. Radical Raptr

    Completed Pokémon Suit & Tie

    My Run ended with a crash in Vermillion after the 5 grunts...
  3. Radical Raptr

    Resource ULTIMATE Gen 5 Overworlds Pack

    I thought you said it was "properly aligned for use with RMXP" the sprites are so jittery?
  4. Radical Raptr

    Completed Pocket Monster Project: Bloodlines

    I don't know what else to say except I wanted more. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the set up for the story I expected to go on. The cutscenes and interactions (early in the game at least) were what really drew me in, but I was quickly thrown out of the fun by little momentum speedbumps...
  5. Radical Raptr

    Released Pokémon Champions- Demo available!

    Congrats on the release! I took some time to finish the demo and I'll leave my thoughts here for you. I might as well start off with some praise - I think the game is very visually appealing, its nice to look at and the various areas to explore look very nice and well crafted. That being said...
  6. Radical Raptr

    April Fools Announcing Relic Castle NFTs

    Hey I want in on the ground floor! Sign me up for NFT's!!!
  7. Radical Raptr

    Resource Il1dan's Type Icons for Essentials

    Like the icon designs, real cool, only issue I have is the "Fighting" type abbreviation, its pretty close to the slur "f*g" or at least thats where my mind went since I've seen it abbreviated that way, I might suggest changing it to something "FIT" or perhaps "FHT"
  8. Radical Raptr

    Discussion Style and Aesthetic

    There are two qualities that make a game a step above all others in terms of polish; style and aesthetic. First impressions are key; when someone is playing your game, the first thing they will see is what it looks like. If they see an array of clashing elements and design that will be what...
  9. Radical Raptr

    Released Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Therian Episode

    Hey, dropping a small update patch, sometime this weekend I hope to release the full 2.0 version, no bugs, all the good content, both an update and a full release link, definitive download, completed now and forever, both on mediafire and mega For right now, you can download the 1.1.1 patch, it...
  10. Radical Raptr

    Discussion Organising Your Project

    Personally, game development is very difficult, it is easy to get lost or confused with what is going on. A design doc forces you to put your thoughts down to paper(or text) in a real way rather than just ideas floating around. Having an outline, imo, is essential to continuing and finishing a...
  11. Radical Raptr

    Released Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Therian Episode

    Alright everyone, its what everyone's been waiting for, the updates! For anyone who has already downloaded the game, please download this update: V1.1 Update For anyone who has not downloaded the game, you can download the full updated 1.1 release here: V1.1 Full Release You're probably...
  12. Radical Raptr

    Released Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Therian Episode

    Link: V1.0 Link: V1.1 Update Link: V1.1 Full Release Link: V1.1.1 Patch Made using: PKMN Essentials Resource Pack Team: + @Radical Raptr + @Mr. Gela Notes: Embark on a journey to save the Theorus Region from an inescapable tragedy! Play as Lucas/Dawn directly after the events of...
  13. Radical Raptr

    Therian Resources 1.0

    All the custom resources made for the Game Jam 2020 PKMN RP: Therian Episode
  14. Radical Raptr

    Resource Therian Resources

    Radical Raptr submitted a new resource: Therian Resources - GAME JAM 2020 Therian Episode Read more about this resource...
  15. Radical Raptr

    Gen 3 Style DP protagonist devamp 1.0

    Simple Overworlds devamped in FRLG style of the DP protagonists Lucas and Dawn. It is only the backsprites, the trainer sprite and the walking sprites, no running, fishing or bikes, might update this later.
  16. Radical Raptr

    Resource Gen 3 Style DP protagonist devamp

    Radical Raptr submitted a new resource: Gen 3 Style DP protagonist devamp - Simple devamps of Lucas and Dawn for your projects! Read more about this resource...
  17. Radical Raptr

    Completed Elle's Winter Game Jam Entry!

    Question, but upon playing your game, I wonder if I have stumbled upon lore or if I'm reading too much into this. You mention that there are both humans and a fantasy race that is not a demon. However, upon closer inspection, all humans have collars? Also, most humans tend to be working class...
  18. Radical Raptr

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial V

    Map Name: Sire's Grove Trial: V Map: Critique Requested: No Credits: The Spriters Resource, Raonak Notes: South of the town lies a somber resting place for loved ones. During the Day of the Dead celebrations, ceremonies are held to honor the passing of the ancestors who brought forth this...
  19. Radical Raptr

    Jojo memes

    Jojo memes
  20. Radical Raptr

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial IV

    Trial: Town & Route Duo Map Town Map Name: Aurum Village Town Map: Route Map Name: Midas Way Route Map: Critique Requested: Yeah! Mapper Duo: @bir al jr and @NuclearOmega Tileset: Credits: My own tileset Notes: We decided to play to our strengths and work on a mountainous terrain style...