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  1. TechSkylander1518

    Tutorial Generation 8 Project for Essentials v18 and v18.1 (Scripts, PBS, Sprites, Icons and More)

    This is saying that the evolution method for Alcreamie wasn't defined. Not sure if that's an error that happened while installing or if it's missing from the resource file, though.
  2. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Prize Wheels

    Ooh, I really like that! I might see if I can make that work!
  3. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Multiple Protagonists

    It doesn't affect any of the battle scripts, so there shouldn't be any conflicts.
  4. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Prize Wheels

    Wheelprize(0,200) would call the first prize array and cost 200$!
  5. TechSkylander1518

    Completed Pokemon experience

    Right now, it looks like you've uploaded all the files individually rather than one zip file, which is probably what's throwing them off. There's still the option to click on the folder itself and download, but I'd suggest you upload a zip directly to drive all the same- it'll save a bit of file...
  6. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Prize Wheels

    Wheel(prizepool,cost) ! Prizepool is the number of your prize array (starts at 0), and cost is the cost!
  7. TechSkylander1518

    Resource ZUD Plugin - Z-Moves, Ultra Burst, and Dynamax (for Gen 8 Project)

    I think it'd be helpful if you show what changed so they know what you need to do.
  8. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Drawer/Cabinet Script

    Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn't considered doing anything like 1 before, but it shouldn't be too hard to implement! I could see it being used for something like finding someone else's stuff and having consequences for taking more from it! 2 was something talked about while TLNJ was...
  9. TechSkylander1518

    Fill PokéDex / View Pokedex via event

    For debugging, there's the Fill Boxes command (though it's a bit slower), but if you wanted to fill a player's PokeDex without giving them a buttload of Pokemon, you'd be out of luck! So, here's that! Just paste anywhere above Main and call fillPokedex! Not very useful for a traditional game...
  10. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Fill PokéDex / View Pokedex via event

    TechSkylander1518 submitted a new resource: Fill PokéDex - Just a quick bit of code to fill the player's PokéDex! Read more about this resource...
  11. TechSkylander1518

    v18.1 Fill Boxes command

    The Fill Boxes command causes the game to crash in 18.1 (Haven't checked the github, so it might have already been fixed there, my apologies if it was!)
  12. TechSkylander1518

    Prize Wheels N/A

    This script lets you create Prize Wheels that players can spin to win one of ten prizes! Your prize pool can be Pokemon, items, money, or a mix of the three! (Yes I got this idea from Webkinz/Neopets what are you a cop) Code Paste in a new section above Main! Make sure to grab the money.png...
  13. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Prize Wheels

    TechSkylander1518 submitted a new resource: Prize Wheels - Spin for a chance to win! Read more about this resource...
  14. TechSkylander1518

    Resource BGM Memory (Resume After Battle)

    It does, it says so in the post-
  15. TechSkylander1518

    Resource BW Summary Pack

    It should still be compatible, just put the changes in the BW code!
  16. TechSkylander1518

    Resource BW Summary Pack

    I have a script for that here!
  17. TechSkylander1518

    v18.1 Making an Area with Uncatchable Pokemon

    I think this script is still usable in v18? Haven't tried it myself, though.