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    v18.1 How to make it to where breeding certain Pokemon creates new forms?

    I want there to be forms of Pokemon that can be created from breeding, i.e. a mother Marowak and father Haxorus creating a Cubone (CUBONE_2 internally) that becomes the Ground/Dragon Halberd Form Marowak when leveled up holding a Razor Claw. Any tips on how to add functionality for something...
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    v18 How to implement the personality quiz from PMD

    I wish to use Essentials as a base for a PMD Project, but I have no clue how to go about the personality quiz. Any help on this would be great, but I will not make anyone.
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    Resource Foreign Pokémon in the Wild

    How do I set special battle music for some of these?
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    Recruiting Pokemon Acceptance - Seeking Beta Testers - mostly complete game!

    I would be interested in testing the game as well, I can join the Discord to make it easier to get it for myself. Should arrive shortly.
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    Tutorial Field Effects

    I figured it out and in hindsight it was obvious, just remove the at signs before each instance of battle w/abilities
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    Resource Pokémon Mart

    Is there a way to modify the script a bit to allow for alternate forms as well such as Alolan Rattata?
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    Tutorial Field Effects

    It keeps throwing up errors.
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    Tutorial Field Effects

    Thanks bro. I wanted to use Field Effects for some of the Gyms in my game, will be sure to credit you.
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    Tutorial Field Effects

    Testing, this look good? # Snow Warning BattleHandlers::AbilityOnSwitchIn.add(:SNOWWARNING, proc { |ability,battler,battle| $PokemonTemp.fieldEffectsBg = 4 # Winter Field @battle.scene.pbChangeBGSprite @battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("Snow covered the field!")) } )
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    Tutorial Field Effects

    Is there a way to make abilities like Snow Warning cause Field Effects?
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    Recruiting Pokémon - Immortal X Version / Oblivion Y Version

    This looks awesome, would definitely play it.
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    Entertainment Relic Castle Pokedex

    Honchkrow: At times, you can see a mob made up of Honchkrow and Murkrow in the wild. Next: Scorbunny
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    Other A question related to Essentials GS Scripting

    I believe Essentials GS is built off of V16 of Pokemon Essentials, but that is not the question I have. I was wondering how to script an item called the HM KING, which when used would bring up a menu of all the HM Moves for you to use in the form of a choice system, and depending on the choice...