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  1. n1ck0411

    Recruiting Pokemon Blazing Bloom and Frigid Fall

    Disclaimer: This IS Lockstin and Gnoggin's fakemon region, we do have permission to use the fakemon, region, characters, etc. I can show proof if needed! Hi there! I am the lead developer of Pokemon Blazing Bloom/Frigid Fall. The region (The Kaskade region, based on the Pacific Northwest), was...
  2. n1ck0411

    Recruiting Pokemon Chaos

    Hi there! I am looking for people to help with my new project, Pokemon Chaos! It is made using Pokemon Essentials. These are the positions I am looking for: Mapper Composer (Gen 4 or 5 style) Spriter (For pokemon, generally) Eventer Here is the basic plot of the story: You are a 13 year old...