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  1. ValiantSoul

    v18 Broken Shadow Move? (Shadow Half)

    So when the opposing Pokemon uses this move, it throws up an error with line 592 which involves this bit of the code: def pbEffectGeneral(user) @battle.eachBattler do |b| next if b.hp==1 b.pbReduceHP(i.hp/2,false) end Personally, can't see anything wrong with it. I haven't...
  2. ValiantSoul

    v18 Ability Woes

    Hey guys! You've all been super helpful thus far, and I was wondering if I could be guided on this too. My objective is for the ability to set Lightscreen and Reflect, but I can't work out the correct way to get the code so it recognises what I want to do...
  3. ValiantSoul

    EXP All, or Not At All?

    Hey guys, I'm at a crossroads here. Let me start by saying my game has a fairly steep level curve, and jumps up fairly quickly; the first Gym is around Lv20 for the Leader with a Lv21 ace, and the second is around Lv30 with a Lv32 ace. There's also a level limit in effect, which goes up in 5...
  4. ValiantSoul

    v18 How to... Mega Evolution Animation & Ability Splash adjustment

    Hey guys! I've tried looking around for answers to these but I can't find any, so I figure I'll create the question here so anyone with a similar problem will be able to fix it with a quick Google. 1) Ability Splashes for Terrain and Weather Abilities - they pop up and zoom off the screen...
  5. ValiantSoul

    v18 Scripting New Ability

    Hey guys! I've tried stringing together some of the existing lines of script to create an ability like so: the Pokemon is immune to sound-based moves (like Soundproof) and draws them in (like Lightningrod) to boost Sp.Atk by one stage. As I'm not a great scripter, I tried to frankenstein...
  6. ValiantSoul

    v18 Followers - Independent Movement

    Hey everyone, Just wondering, if when you have a follower, is there a simple way to make them move around ofr cutscene purposes? I.e. Walk into a room, and then direct the follower to move independently somewhere, and then move back? Cheers in advance!
  7. ValiantSoul

    v18 Adding a Delta-like Icon

    Hey everyone, so I'm attempting to add an icon much like the Delta icon in Pokemon Insurgence. I thought I had done the script properly, but I get two errors persistently. First, I modified my scripts. I followed these instructions: Scripting Question: Giving icon to some pokemon forms? I added...
  8. ValiantSoul

    v18 Battle Transition - Evil Team

    Hey there everyone, I was wondering how it was possible to create a transition unique to the evil team; moreso, is that an existing script that streamlines this process as I'm hopeless with coding! I have my evil team's logo all set and ready to go, but without being able to create a custom...
  9. ValiantSoul

    v18 How to make a Trainer disappear instantly after battle?

    Hey everyone, It may be a super basic answer, but here goes: When a trainer is defeated, they disappear if a switch makes it so, but it's not clean. I tried using a fade to black, but there's that awkward moment where you can see the NPC before the fade. So my question is, straight after...
  10. ValiantSoul

    v18 Help with Evolution

    Hey guys, It seems that for whatever reason, when an alternate form Pokemon evolves, it resets it's form. So instead of BULBASAUR_1 evolving into IVYSAUR_1, it would show the graphic for IVYSAUR_1 on the evolution screen, but have reverted afterwards. Now is this a bug, or is it something I...
  11. ValiantSoul

    v18 Shadow Moves

    Hey everyone, Are shadow moves broken in V18.1? I was trying to define the moves for my CRADILY_1, but despite me listing SHADOWMIST & SHADOWWAVE on the PBS, it only seems to use SHADOWRUSH? Any help with fixing this issue hugely appreciated. Cheers in advance!
  12. ValiantSoul

    v18 Adding Triad Binder to Pause Menu

    Hey guys, I've been looking into adding Triple Triad to my game, and I was wondering if there was an easy way to add the Binder to the Pause Menu, and also make it so it appears based on a Control Switch? The first part seems simple enough, the second part I'd be titally lost in. Any and all...
  13. ValiantSoul

    v18 Setting up a new Terrain effect (Grassy Terrain, Misty Terrain, etc.)

    Hey there everyone, I'm in the process of setting up a new Terrain, and everything is set in terms of damage modifiers, but for the life of me I can't work out how to set the end of turn effect that I wanted. Basically, any grounded Pokemon would be Burned at the end of the turn, barring...
  14. ValiantSoul

    v18 Team Magma & Aqua Overworlds (Gen III)

    Hey guys, After an extensive search to track these down, I can't seem to find them anywhere. Do these exist already somewhere, or am I better off trying other things? Cheers!
  15. ValiantSoul

    v18 Trade requiring Alternate Form

    Hey everyone, I spent a while fiddling around with this, but is there any specific way to, in a trade, make it so it requires the player to trade a specific form of a Pokemon? I couldn't quite get the script calls for this one to work. Cheers guys! Thanks for any help in advance.
  16. ValiantSoul

    v18 Reset Moveset on Evolution

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if there is a simple way to reset a Pokemon's moves on evolution, to prevent the new Pokemon from knowing moves that thematically don't make sense? Any indicator in the right direction, or someone who is handy withs script would be hugely appreciated :) Cheers!
  17. ValiantSoul

    v18 Possible to take Region Map off of the grid?

    Hey everyone, Second question in so many days, but I was wondering if it were possible to take a region map off of the grid? A friend of mine designed me a map, but because it doesn'yt align to the grid, I can't use it! Is there an existing script or modification I can do that will let me map...
  18. ValiantSoul

    v18 Obedience Check

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, is there a way to change the obedience chgeck script from this: def pbObedienceCheck?(choice) return true if usingMultiTurnAttack? return true if choice[0]!=:UseMove return true if !@battle.internalBattle return true if...
  19. ValiantSoul

    v18 Shadow Moves not working properly

    Despite Shadow moves being registered on the correct PBS file, they're still not appearing once the battle starts, leaving only Shadow Rush. 900,SHADOWEND,Shadow End,130,120,SHADOW,Special,60,0,0,00,0,abf,"A shadowy aura ram attack that also rebounds on the user." 901,SHADOWSTORM,Shadow...
  20. ValiantSoul

    v18 Alternate Forms and Regular Forms in same encounter table?

    Hey again! I was wondering if there was some way to have both a Pokemon, and it's alternate form, defined on the same encounter table at different odds? Example: LandDay TAILLOW,3,4 CATERPIE,2,4 CATERPIE,5 TAILLOW,6 PARAS,4,5 PARAS,4,5 BURMY,4,5 PACHIRISU,5,6...