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  1. Sully

    Tutorial Simple Guide to Picture Text Boxes

    Sully submitted a new resource: Simple Guide to Picture Text Boxes - A basic guide to using eventing and pictures to make custom text boxes. Read more about this resource...
  2. Sully

    v18 Moving Type Boxes and Height/Weight in Dex screen

    I am trying to move the position of the type boxes and height/weight lines to be in line with the name and kind of the Pokémon in the screen. I have poked around in PScreen_PokedexEntry and only been able to find/move the height/weight on pages for unowned Pokémon
  3. Sully

    Changing the Pickup items

    I’m trying to change the items obtained via Pickup and I found this section on the wikia but I can’t find pbPickup in PField_Field, a bit a help finding the place? I checked in a fresh copy of essentials but still nothing