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  1. Zygoat

    v18.1 A Pokedex error...any way to fix it?

    I am getting an error when opening the Pokedex, and unfortunately starting a new save file does nothing to fix it. It was working fine and at some point it just stopped working, so I'm unsure why it happens. This is the error:
  2. Zygoat

    v18 Transferring the player within a script?

    I'd like to properly recreate the underground from Sinnoh in my game, but I don't know how to make the Explorer Kit transport the player to an underground map, and then transport the player back to the spot they went down there from when used underground. Does anybody know how to do this?
  3. Zygoat

    v18.1 "Field Moves" option in party menu?

    I'm using the Field Moves Defined by Species script from PokéCommunity, and it works and everything, but it can be real cluttering sometimes for Pokémon that have a lot of learnable field moves. I'd like to fix this by making a "Field Moves" option in the party menu that then brings up all the...
  4. Zygoat

    v18.1 Which scripts control mega evolution in battle?

    Edit: This has been solved, it was a bug with the Gen 8 Project that prevented mega evolution from working and the solution is to add this script somewhere above main: class PokeBattle_Pokemon def hasItem?(item_id = 0) held_item = self.item return held_item > 0 if item_id == 0 return held_item...
  5. Zygoat

    v18 How to make the bike faster?

    The default essentials bike feels pretty slow, it doesn't seem much faster than the running speed. I'd like to make it about as fast as the mach bike or the bike on the higher gear from DPPt, any way to do this?
  6. Zygoat

    v18.1 I'm having this weird (bug or script issue I don't know which) for battle ends

    Whenever there's a comma in the losetext of an opponent, the message abruptly ends. The game is still playable, but I don't want this to be happening of course. I don't know if a bug is causing it or if one of my scripts is messed up somehow. I've been getting around this by making a custom font...
  7. Zygoat

    v18.1 How to fix this?

    I tried replacing PScreen_Evolution with an unmodified version from vanilla, but that didn't fix it so I'm assuming that something within the script is positioning it that way. I have Marin's Poketch script and I think the presence of the lower screen is the issue Edit: I've figured it out...
  8. Zygoat

    v18 How do you make the use of an item tied to the bike check?

    I've made the Explorer Kit from DPPt as an item, and have gotten it to initiate the mining minigame whenever you use it, but I can't seem to figure out how to correctly set it up to only work outdoors. I tried copying the bike check that the bike uses in PItem_ItemEffects, but that caused it to...
  9. Zygoat

    Resource Platinum Style Battle UI

    Zygoat submitted a new resource: Platinum Style Battle UI - For those who want the feel of Platinum's battles Read more about this resource...
  10. Zygoat

    v18 AI sometimes uses "not very effective" moves, despite having moves that are super effective or neutral

    This makes battles easier than they should be and results in a lot of challenge being removed. Even at the max AI tier, it does this. This Purugly has fake out, scratch, feint attack and hypnosis but went for feint attack for whatever reason.
  11. Zygoat

    v18 Compiling Data breaks some NPCs

    In my game, I have tried adding two Mart NPCs and compiled the game. Once compiled, the second one disappeared upon closing RMXP and re-opening it. I then tried this in an unmodified vanilla essentials and the second mart didn't disappear, but had its script replaced with this Mystery Gift one...
  12. Zygoat

    v18 How would you add Secret Techniques [LGPE] to replace HMs, and have them available to all Pokémon who could learn their HM counterparts?

    I'd really like to have a feauture like this in my game, currently I've just replaced the HMs with TMs, but I would like something more polished and fresh-feeling. The Secret Technique system in Let's Go was a near perfect replacement for HMs in my opinion, the only downside being that only...
  13. Zygoat

    v18.1 How do double battles work? pbDoubleTrainerBattle

    I'm trying to use this script command and it gives me an error that my second opponent trainer "doesn't exist", even though if I try the battle through debug mode, it works just fine. I think this may be a bug, but it would be nice if others could test it out and confirm it doesn't work, or if I...
  14. Zygoat

    Released Pokémon Banished Platinum

    Hello Relic Castle users, this is Pokémon Banished Platinum: a Pokémon Platinum remake for Pokémon Essentials. Sinnoh remakes have been confirmed, as well as Legends: Arceus, a brand new take on the Pokémon series that looks pretty exciting if they polish it up before release. My remake of...
  15. Zygoat

    Resource ALL Lucas and Dawn Sprites

    Zygoat submitted a new resource: ALL Lucas and Dawn Sprites - Everything you would need to use them as your protagonists Read more about this resource...
  16. Zygoat

    v18 Error on wild battle finish

    I get the following error at the end of any wild battle. The game doesn't crash, it just displays this and my Pokémon doesn't get any exp and the wild battle victory theme doesn't play. I've gone multiple times and copied over the vanilla version of the PokeBattle_Scene script because I knew I...
  17. Zygoat

    Resource Simple "Dark Mode" Battle UI

    Zygoat submitted a new resource: Simple "Dark Mode" Battle UI - A minimalist edit of Essentials' default UI with darker colors Read more about this resource...
  18. Zygoat

    v18 Delete the second Pokemon for HasInParty type evolution

    I want to make a fusion evolution where the main Pokemon evolves and the Pokemon needed to initiate the evolution is deleted once the evolution finishes. Any way to go about this?