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    Idea for a little difficulty setting

    I just had this idea randomly and wanted to share it. Basically, the rival has a set starter, and he tells you what it is. So, when you pick your starter, you know what type he has, so you can choose to beat it easily or hardly. What do you think?
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    v18 Got errors. I already made a post about them, but there are more and I think I would make another post.

    this appears when I load the save file. --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Script '[PScreen_Load]' line 407: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `updateMap' for nil:NilClass from 'PScreen_Load' line 407 in `pbStartLoadScreen' from 'PScreen_Load' line 331 in...
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    Resource Some recolors I made.

    Alep2007 submitted a new resource: Some ricolors I made. - recolors of gen 1-2 graphics Read more about this resource...
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    v18 I recently got those errors, and i practically can't playtest.

    error 1: --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Script '[PField_Encounters]' line 176: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `isDesert?' for PBTerrain:Module from 'PField_Encounters' line 176 in `pbEncounterType' from 'PField_Field' line 381 in `pbBattleOnStepTaken'...