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  1. Voltseon

    Pokémon Azume

    Heyo, first off I just want to say, what an amazing game! I really enjoyed playing through it! I really liked how unique the little minigames were! It was defenitely refreshing to see something like that in a fangame! Also all the different overworld encounters were really fun and I liked going...
  2. Voltseon

    Teleport Item - Terrain Tag blocking is here!

    I've updated the script to include terrain tag blocking as well. As seen in Pokémon Quantum's files, preventing the player from teleporting past it will make it so you have a lot of empty events in your map. That's why we made it so you can also use terrain tags for it. By default this option is...
  3. Voltseon

    Resource Teleport Item

    Voltseon updated Teleport Item with a new update entry: Terrain Tag blocking is here! Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. Voltseon

    Pokémon Villain Jam

    For the very first game to get released this jam it's very impressive! It has way more content than expected. Even though it is pretty short it has a lot of charm. I have yet to play it myself though so I'll give some actual in depth feedback when I finally do. Amazing work and props to the team!
  5. Voltseon

    Pokémon: Technology

    #BlameThundagang Ngl I watched it from a stream and it's really interesting, it's a super unique game and it was well made! It's really nice, good job! I'll def still play it for myself, looking forward to playing it myself and I'll leave some actual feedback for it! Thanks for making this...
  6. Voltseon

    PokéScape 3D

    Thanks for the amazing feedback! I defenitely should've spent more time 'tutorializing' the game, I made quite a few assumptions. I really appreciate you taking the time to check out the game and posting some amazing feedback! It's appreciated!
  7. Voltseon

    Other MKXP

    I think you can just do it with the base version of essentials but I'm not sure. I haven't really tested it. Also something I forgot to mention is that you should remove all instances of 'def self.snap_to_bitmap - end' because mkxp handles that. If you do want to use the github version however...
  8. Voltseon

    Other MKXP

    The gitbook does have a step by step guide on how to install MKXP, but it only really works for windows 8.x. Instead you can get the mkxp files from another mkxp game like Pokémon Splice and put them in your game. Specifically the following files: Game.exe, mkxp.json, soundfont.sf2 (if it is...
  9. Voltseon

    Announcing Relic Castle NFTs

    Tokenize my relic castle profile and I'll just make 1 game the next jam ;)
  10. Voltseon

    Completed Pokémon Zorua [DISCONTINUED]

    Apparently the game is missing a small script so if you wanna play the unfinished game, here's a patch If you've already edited the scripts.rxdata file, just add the following to the voltseon's handy tools script: # Zorua Transform def vTransform...
  11. Voltseon

    Pokémon Quantum

    Thank's for the written out thoughts and feedback! Thanks again for playing this game on stream. This will help us out a ton with continued development of Quantum! I'll be sure to make some more amazing sprites and code some more amazing mechanics into the game! Also I think I can speak for ENLS...
  12. Voltseon

    Pokémon Beekeeper

    Small post update: I've been working on making this game even better, graphics, story and gameplay wise. Farming honey will be even more fun now in the upcoming update! It's just about ready to be released, though I'm waiting for the jam results to come in and for the voting period to end so...
  13. Voltseon

    PokéScape 3D

    Small update for those who haven't heard. I tried to get this game onto because it plays really well as a speedrun game. Unfortunately my request was denied. Perhaps when I get to updating the game it might have a shot at going on though I really can't say atm. Current...
  14. Voltseon


    Updated the game to v1.1 What changed? Nothing much, I made the particles not go crazy for those who don't handle flashing lights well. Also so that people who are playing on a toaster can still enjoy it without having to render millions of particles. Lastly improved how the upgrades behave so...
  15. Voltseon

    Completed Pokémon Zorua [DISCONTINUED]

    Update to this thread, I've discontinued development of this game, see top of thread for more information about this.
  16. Voltseon


    Game Title: PokéClicker Game Screenshots: Game Download: Note: Game does contain flickering lights. It is safe to play for the first few minutes, but after a bit it gets crazy with particles. Download the game right here! Made Using: Engine: Unity Ide: Visual Studio Code Team: Dev...
  17. Voltseon

    PokéClicker Resource Pack 1.0

    The resources used in PokéClicker Download PokéClicker right here!
  18. Voltseon

    Resource PokéClicker Resource Pack

    Voltseon submitted a new resource: PokéClicker Resource Pack - Resource pack for PokéClicker Read more about this resource...
  19. Voltseon

    Teleport Item 1.1

    Introduction: As seen in Pokémon Quantum you can teleport around using an item with this script Download the script up on the top right corner! Script made by: @Voltseon and @ENLS How to use: 1. Download and install the scipt above Main 2. Add an item to the TELEPORT_ITEM constant at the top...
  20. Voltseon

    Resource Teleport Item

    Voltseon submitted a new resource: Teleportation Device - Teleport with an item Read more about this resource...