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  1. FloofyPanthar

    Resource BW Ultimate Trainer Intro Pack

    FloofyPanthar submitted a new resource: BW Ultimate Trainer Intro Pack - Some nice Unova jingles to spice up your game Read more about this resource...
  2. FloofyPanthar

    Dev Kit PokEssentials Gen 5

    Alright, I've been talking about this on the Relic Castle, PokeCommunity, and Game Dev Cafe discords as well as posting updates for it on my DeviantArt. It's about time I do an official announcement about it on Relic Castle. What is PEG5? PokEssentials Gen 5, or as I like to call it, PEG5, is...
  3. FloofyPanthar

    Shadow Pokemon?

    Just curious, how many people use the Shadow Pokemon feature in Essentials? I haven't heard of many fangames with Shadow Pokemon in them and I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinion on them. I haven't used Shadow Pokemon and am wondering if it is something I should put in.
  4. FloofyPanthar

    Resource BW Waterfall Autotiles

    FloofyPanther submitted a new resource: BW Waterfall Autotiles - Also includes rocky edge tiles Read more about this resource...
  5. FloofyPanthar

    Error Window pops up, but says nothing

    Whenever I boot up my game, a new error-like window pops up with nothing in it, and then after that, it changes resolution from 640 * 480 to 512 * 384. Can anybody help me fix this? It is really inconvenient.
  6. FloofyPanthar

    Short-term HD Following Pokemon Project

    Some of the following Pokemon sprites aren't very high quality, so i decided to take advantage of the 32*32 RMXP quality. Unfortunately, it is way too much to do all of these sprites so I need some help. The sprites should take inspiration from pre-established art and 3d models. Any spriter is...
  7. FloofyPanthar

    Recruiting Need a scripter for Pokemon Valor and Mystic

    I suck at scripting, I mean REALLY suck. I added some code from Essentials BW into my game and now everything is a mess. For example, I've kept on getting this message:
  8. FloofyPanthar

    Work in Progress Pokemon Mystic and Valor

    Plot: 19 years have passed since two boys started their journey; now their ideals are tearing the world apart. Explore the Merca region, an area that is filled with mountains and forests waiting to be explored. As usual, the Merca pokemon league has 8 gym leaders and a Pokemon League, but...