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  1. Djaco75

    Entertainment Undertale

    I actually can't believe no-one has started a thread on this yet! So a couple of questions to provoke interest: What mode did you play? Most memorable time? Favourite character? Favourite theme? Anything else you would like to add? Looking forward to hearing your opinions!
  2. Djaco75

    Entertainment Cooking Shows

    Judging by the recipe thread over in the discussion forum, it seems like we have a few foodies (including me) here on Relic Castle. A huge part of food and cooking are the television shows we watch every day with people cooking. What's your opinion on these shows, how do you like them, and...
  3. Djaco75

    Discussion Strongest NPC Character (Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion

    Hi everyone, I thought this would be a cool discussion topic to put up here. Who do you think is the strongest NPC in the Pokemon Franchise? It can be anyone from a Gym Leader to Elite Four to Rival to Champion - including Trial Captains and Kahunas. A quick scaffold you may follow in...
  4. Djaco75

    Work in Progress Pokemon Shining Star and Shady Eclipse

    If you would like to help us in any way, please send me a Direct Message. We appreciate all jobs, big or small and are grateful for your contribution.
  5. Djaco75

    Favourite Features - All Generations

    I thought I would just create this thread to see some of the best features that Pokemon had. Here you can list your favourite features of any Pokemon game to see what the spread is. Personally, my favourite feature is the PWT in Black and White 2. I loved the idea of battling Gym Leaders and...
  6. Djaco75

    Theories Behind Pokemon Weaknesses

    Hey everyone, Just thought of a cool discussion idea. We could try to come up with a mini-encyclopedia on the real-life stories behind type weaknesses. I think someone made a video on Youtube about this. We could all contribute a few reasons why each type is super effective on each other...