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  1. Thundaga

    Released Pokémon Splice

    Download Pokémon Splice Beta (1.0.3) Splice Discord Play as a research assistant, helping Professor Cypress discover new Pokémon forms! Your starter "Arenay" is a special Pokémon that can change to any type! Experience a branching story, with two opposing research organizations you can join...
  2. Thundaga

    Resource Pokemon Summit Trials Resources

    Thundaga submitted a new resource: Pokemon Summit Trials Resources - Graphic Resources used in Pokemon Summit Trials Read more about this resource...
  3. Thundaga

    Completed Pokémon Summit Trials

    Download Version 1.4 Download more games made by me from my website! About The Summit Trials are a series of challenges that were meant to challenge the limits of trainers! Travel to the mysterious Triata Island, and tackle the trio of difficult trials devised by Professor Sierra! Roy and...