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  1. Djaco75

    A big amount of lag with loading of Panorama.gif

    I've had this problem as well. When trying to load a .gif fog, sometimes I've waited for at least 5 minutes and there is still no result. However, when playing a totally different gif on that map, it seems to be working fine. I really hope someone has a solution to this, because it would help...
  2. Djaco75

    How'd you give the protagonist a starter pokemon?

    Ahh. I had it pre-picked by the player choosing a Pokemon from a flyer and then the Professor bumps into them and asks them if they want to be a Pokemon Trainer. You have to say yes so you follow her to the lab and receive the Pokemon.
  3. Djaco75

    Discussion Happy birthday thread!

    Happy birthday to @throhgames as well as @ThePurplest ! I hope your days go well and you enjoy them!
  4. Djaco75

    HAHAH! Loving this new meme -------

    HAHAH! Loving this new meme -------
  5. Djaco75

    Entertainment Caption This!

    'Boss - see that man - go get him! And get out of my car while you're at it'
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    I've been waiting for this one! I love cities, especially big and complex ones! I really admire cities like Jubilife and Hearthome in Sinnoh because of their complexity but their simplicity and uniformity at the same time. I think the tiles used in these cities are exemplary and really suit...
  7. Djaco75

    Released Pokemon Sunset (Progress Check)

    I really like the game so far, it seems like a cool story that has many points of interest in it. I think that the new plot ideas will intrigue some players. A quick feedback here - the new Absol evolution just looks like a cross between a Mega Absol and the original with the saturation turned...
  8. Djaco75

    Battle Modes

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of different battle styles. I think it just makes the game more confusing and frustrating if you're someone who has minimal patience like me. I do, however, like some styles of battling - especially the double battles introduced in Gen 3. I think they served a...
  9. Djaco75

    Graphic [Legacy] Screenshot Showcase

    Looks really good! I like seeing overworld Pokemon - they add heaps to the visual game. Is it animated? The overworld sprites always look so much better when they are animated. not to mention that it showcases additional effort put in by the developers.------------------------ I quite like...
  10. Djaco75

    Entertainment Undertale

    I actually can't believe no-one has started a thread on this yet! So a couple of questions to provoke interest: What mode did you play? Most memorable time? Favourite character? Favourite theme? Anything else you would like to add? Looking forward to hearing your opinions!
  11. Djaco75

    Creative I draw stuff sometimes :0

    Cynthia is my favourite champion and I always love it when people do fan art of her! This is amazing - I love the different colours you've used. They really show off aspects of her clothes and body that I've never noticed before. Really well done!
  12. Djaco75

    Entertainment Caption This!

    Tame bullies on the sidewalk harassing a little kitten who's just trying to walk to his favourite milk dish when he realises it's in a puddle and the dogs are just about to pounce on him.
  13. Djaco75

    Talking protagonist

    Personally, I would avoid it, but if it becomes necessary then I have nothing against it. I feel like there are a few more creative ways of doing this, however, such as having your Pokemon sense what you are talking about or having other characters try to predict what you say. It just adds a...
  14. Djaco75

    Discussion Happy birthday thread!

    Happy birthday @GlaxenSnowflakes and @joyet ! I hope you both enjoy your day and know you're welcome into our community here! Happy birthday!!!!
  15. Djaco75

    Resource Just Some Hi-Res Ultra Beast Sprites (192x192)

    Really good sprites! I love the detail you've added. I know how hard it is to create Ultra-Beast sprites; they're just so intricate and detailed. If you do decide to continue spriting, I can't wait to see what you do. For now, I'll be using this in a future game I would like to create...
  16. Djaco75

    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    Well.. Maybe you could be a bit more specific. Which Pokemon are you looking for exactly? What types did you want them. I do have a few websites I could reccommed, but please specify which Pokemon you would like the sprites of.
  17. Djaco75

    I am the author of Pokemon Prism

    I feel bad for you. Imaging putting in all that work only to get shut down.... Anyway, I've got a burning question I would like to ask - how did you react to the news you were getting shut down? What did you first feel? Sorry for taking up your time, but I would really like some form of...
  18. Djaco75

    Discussion Happy birthday thread!

    Happy Birthday, @zarexraze !!! Hope you enjoy your day!
  19. Djaco75

    Completed The Uxie Caves

    Looks really good so far, Kirlial! I love the concept especially - it's something original, which I really like. A couple of things I believe that you could improve (if you really wanted to) were: I'm nitpicking here, but Trainer should have a capital T, as seen in the canon Pokemon games...
  20. Djaco75


    I'm honestly completely neutral with Johto. I do think it had a cool and unique concept, which I like, but there were a few things that I wasn't a bit fan of overall. I really liked the following Pokemon in the remakes. That was very unique (excluding Yellow) and I really enjoyed that. I also...