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  1. Dragonite

    Relic Castle Anniversary

    Happy birthday, fellow nerds!
  2. Dragonite

    Dev Kit Do Or Die (yes that's what I'm calling it)

    I'm still working on it, although I haven't used it for Pokémon in over a year. You can't make it "copyright proof," though. The Pokémon assets - and all trademarks, including every monster name - belong to TCPI, and the other graphics in this thread belong to the people who drew them.
  3. Dragonite

    Dexit: Fan Game Edition

    That's true, although that's not really one of my concerns here - the concern is that the effort-payoff ratio is effectively infinite.
  4. Dragonite

    Dexit: Fan Game Edition

    Yes that was the most provocative, clickbaity title I could think of. Can't wait for it to start showing up in Google searches. So, the question of "should a fan game include a complete National Pokédex" comes up pretty often in the Discord Castle - and other places I hang out in that talk...
  5. Dragonite

    Discussion Inspiration & Creative Block

    A bit more on the "passion" thing, I guess. Even if you're 100% on board with your current project, there's always going to be something you'd really rather not be doing - for instance, it's a pretty safe bet that literally nobody ever has said "setting up map transfer events and punching in...
  6. Dragonite

    Discussion Inspiration & Creative Block

    I like to tell people that if I ever want to work on a game but don't know what specifically to do my go-to solution is to boot up Skyrim for fifteen minutes to wait for something to click, but that sounds just a bit too much like something you'd read on the third page of a supermarket tabloid...
  7. Dragonite

    Discussion Creating your own region

    So you can kind of divide the approaches to map design into two main categories: gameplay first vs worldbuilding first. It's kind of a top-down vs bottom-up thing. World first would mean starting with a landmass, reasoning through what kind of ecosystems it would contain - mountains block rain...
  8. Dragonite

    Discussion Managing project deadlines and scope

    You all think deadlines are fun? ADHD makes it all 10x better. :^) ANYWAY. How do you deal with a definitive deadline creeping ever closer? One of my teachers once said "you managed to take a project which you had two-thirds of the semester to do, and turn it into a game jam." It's a given...
  9. Dragonite

    Entertainment What would be your pokemon team

    I would have probably written something different before last November, but SwSh made this question much easier because it's now just 1. Wooloo 2. Wooloo 3. Wooloo 4. Wooloo 5. Wooloo 6. Wooloo Repeat pokémon rule be damned!
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    Team Mapper TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

    The logical extension of this is that we need to do a game jam, but all participants work on the same game.
  11. Dragonite

    Team Mapper TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

    This oughta do it for 32.
  12. Dragonite

    Team Mapper TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

    Sure, why not. I'll do one!
  13. Dragonite

    Survey: General Hardware Specs and OS

    I think i told you this on discord, but worth noting: the people who go out of their way to fill out hardware surveys tend to be the people who know what they're doing and have better specs than your average game-playing computer user - according to the steam hardware survey the "average" gamer...
  14. Dragonite

    Beast Hunter [Unity]

    A 2D RPG using Creation Engine, you say? Nice. (I don't currently have time, but good luck!)
  15. Dragonite

    Possibility of Relic Castle meet-up at TooManyGames 2020!

    Just to add, meeting your internet friends in person is the weirdest experience ever and I want it to happen to me more often.
  16. Dragonite

    Any tips on programming a JRPG monster catcher using RPG Maker XP?

    I still do a double-take whenever I see someone recommending my thing somewhere. Anyway another thing to consider if you want to quickly share something on Steam is that RPG Maker VX Ace and MV have workshop support, so if you make something you could just throw it out into the world right from...
  17. Dragonite

    Fan games with Pokemon characters

    The quickest IANAL of "fair use" I know is "it's a 'defense,' which means if you're making your argument, you're already in a courthouse," so try not to resort to that. Pokémon fan games have always been and will always be a gray area at best, but unless you seriously rock the boat you can fly...
  18. Dragonite

    Dev Kit Do Or Die (yes that's what I'm calling it)

    Not too bad, it's basically what I'm doing now. On the overworld it's just a matter of changing the image and audio assets to make it look and sound like something else, messing with the battle system's more involved depending on how far you want to take things though.
  19. Dragonite

    Dev Kit Do Or Die (yes that's what I'm calling it)

    On the note of working in both 2D and 3D . . . the main point of this thing is to serve as a map editor itself, but one of my friends really likes Tiled and he asked if I'd write an importer for it, and since I'm already bad at project management I thought I might as well. The tiles will...
  20. Dragonite

    Making Fan Games vs. Making Original Games

    Time to make it sound like I know what I'm talking about! I've had this thread open in my browser since Monday but haven't been able to decide how I want to answer it until now. I like fan games. For one, they're hecking cool, because you get to try out ideas that wouldn't get any piece of the...