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  1. WolfPP

    Mints Items (SWSH)

    Am trying to make a script for Mints items (from SWSH). So, what I have so far: The question is, the code doesn't recognize what is 'stats' (even if 'attack', if I write 'pokemon.attack'): IDK if is possible to put some attr_reader or access inside 'PItem_ItemEffects' or 'PItem_Items'...
  2. WolfPP

    How to put more priority (.z) to the player into overworld?

    I would like to know how to put the player to have more priority than Dependents and other Events when the player AND the event (Dependent or not) are facing down (direction==2): You can check the difference between them official games (HGSS) and using Essentials: Thank you!
  3. WolfPP

    Oricorios'ability script (Dancer)

    What we have about Dancer ability and works so far (made by mybusiness) (DO NOT COPY, THIS IS JUST AN FEEDBACK): In Move script, paste below 'def isBombMove?': Now, works fine for Status Move (Swords Dance i.e. but I still didn't test for Lunar Dance). Inside Battler script, use CTRL+F to find...
  4. WolfPP

    Recruiting Need Spriter to make Sprite Overworld (HGSS Style)

    List of OW that need to be (re)make (forms included; last update 07/28/2020): Gen 6: Gen 7: Gen 8: Crown of Thundra not included. [/spoiler] If you have USUM nor SWSH games, you can help me too! DM me! :D You can check my OWs here.
  5. WolfPP

    Short-term Spriter to Z-Pose Graphics and Scripter to Z-Move Animation - Z-Move Add On

    Hello there! The reason for recruiting is that we have been able to join Luka (Elite Battle System: Next Generation) script with Z-move Add On (made by AmethystRain and cia). We already have the script 100% operational, working, including thanks to Zeak6464 and Coffee Guy (From PC Forum)...
  6. WolfPP

    How can i edit Elite Battle System?

    So, im addin Z-move in EBS: And I need help with these two details: 1: I would like center the screen for the pokemon that will do z-move; 2: I would like the Z-move symbol to overlap the pokemon image. Below, the script in 'Animations Script' - Common animations player:
  7. WolfPP

    How to put Shiny Form to show in Pokedex?

    With this i will want to implement 'egg form' too lol i have all egg pokemon sprite. Ty ty!
  8. WolfPP

    [NoMethodError] When i use Misty Terrain (v17.2/EBS 4.3.3)

    Sup guys, So, when i use Misty Terrain, give me this: --------------------------- Pokemon Essentials --------------------------- [Pokémon Essentials version 17.2] Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `damagestate' for nil:NilClass PokeBattle_MoveEffects:1129:in `pbEffect'...
  9. WolfPP

    Stop Pokemon Sprite Animation from EBS - Elite Battle System

    Hi everyone! So, i usin v17.2 and EBS 4.3.3. For gen VII do not exist animation to all pokemon. So i want to stop animation sprites. Where to find def or class to stop animations in Luka scripts? Oh, or maybe reposition them. I have sprite 96x96, so how can i make reposition? Cuz they are to...
  10. WolfPP

    Makin a Custom Script to SendOut (Pokeball in battle)

    Hello guys! So, i want to put that pokeballs into my game when send out a pokemon, like EBS: How can i do it? v17.2 Ty ty!
  11. WolfPP

    [v17.2] Try Start the Game and RunTimeError - trainer.txt and trainertypes.txt

    Hello! When i open the game (v17.2), crash with this: I untill delete ALL in trainers.txt and trainertypes.txt and keep this issue :/ How can i do correctly? PS: I just change Characters;Battlers;Icons folders and delete all in trainertypes and trainers.txt Ty ty!