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  1. CrimsonTy

    Weird Error when checking Pokemon

    Solution: I had a comma in the shiny chances. Yea don't do that. So I added Roserade into my party to test something but when I checked on [Pokemon] this error shows up [Pokémon Essentials version 17.2] Exception: ArgumentError Message: comparison of Fixnum with Array failed...
  2. CrimsonTy

    Pokemon Super Kawaii Dating Sim

    Pokemon Super Kawaii Dating Sim Bug Fixed Game Download: Made Using: RPG Maker Team: I was alone Notes: Bugs have been killed. Maybe not all so tell me if some are still alive Resource Pack...
  3. CrimsonTy

    Resource Pokemon Experimental Traveler Resource Pack

    Larvestaable submitted a new resource: Pokemon Experimental Traveler Resource Pack - A resource pack for custom sprites in Pokemon Experimental Traveler Read more about this resource...
  4. CrimsonTy

    Completed Pokémon Experimental Traveler

    Game Title: Pokémon Experimental Traveler Game Screenshots: Game Download: Made Using: RpgMaker XP Team: All was made alone Notes: -Starting Over may not work it's been buggy. I tried my best to fix it...
  5. CrimsonTy

    Trading Issue

    Never mind found out I was spelling Adamant Wrong Trying to trade when I clicked on Zigzagoon this happened (Crashes Game) (1.16.2) --------------------------- Pokemon Revision Red --------------------------- Exception: RuntimeError Message: Script error within event 5, map 103...
  6. CrimsonTy

    Event that makes a Party Pokemon hold an item

    For my game I need to do this and I have no idea how to do so. I've seen it done before Example: Pokemon Uranium forces Pokemon to hold Mega Stone If someone can tell me how thanks! Also I'm using 17.2
  7. CrimsonTy

    Evolution Method depending on Form

    I want to add a different form to Growlithe that is water type However it would be strange for a Water type to need a Fire Stone to evolve So I was wondering is there any way I can make it so a Form has it's own evolution method?
  8. CrimsonTy

    Resource Pokemon Glitched Error

    Larvestaable submitted a new resource: Pokemon Glitched Error - It's messed up Read more about this resource...
  9. CrimsonTy

    Pokemon with Multiple Forms changing to Default after Capture

    I added different forms of Magikarp with different colors and they have different forms in battle but once I catch them they become the regular Magikarp Example Blue Magikarp (Form 1)----->Red Magikarp(Regular Form) Script used for forms MultipleForms.register(:MAGIKARP,{...
  10. CrimsonTy

    Following Pokemon NoMethodError

    Using 16.2 Crashes Game I recently added Following Pokemon to my game and I downloaded everything from mej71's Pokemon Community post Animation Data-Scripts-Animations But when I talk to my Pokemon and try to put them in the Pokeball I get this error --------------------------- Pokemon...
  11. CrimsonTy

    Completed Pokemon Glitched Error

    Pokemon Glitched Error Screenshots: Download: Error Made Using: RPG Maker+Pokemon Essentials Team: Larvestaable (EVERYTHING!) Notes: I didn't have enough time (Because I got lazy) So if the ending feels rushed, it is...
  12. CrimsonTy

    Recruiting Pokemon World United

    I'm terrible at making great sentences for this stuff so I'll just tell you right away Then I thought about a game that everyone can be in This game is called Pokemon World United (If you didn't read the title) I do have an idea of what it will be but I want help from everyone in Relic...
  13. CrimsonTy

    RuntimeError Message: Bad line syntax

    Using 16.2 Happens when game starts Game goes to black screen Nothing new was added -------------------------------- Exception: RuntimeError Message: Bad line syntax (expected syntax like XXX=YYY) File PBS/pokemon.txt, section 663, key WildItemRare Compiler:186:in `pbEachFileSectionEx'...
  14. CrimsonTy

    Wild Encounter Crashes Game

    Using 16.2 Happens when encounter transition starts Also happens with DEBUG menu Crashes game Nothing new was added --------------------------- Pokemon Essentials --------------------------- Exception: NameError Message: uninitialized constant PBEffects::LifeOrb PokeBattle_Battler:946:in...
  15. CrimsonTy

    NoMethodError in Battle when Attacking

    Using 16.2 Happens when User and Target uses a move Doesn't crash the game The move will not be used once the error happens --------------------------- Pokemon Delta Rune --------------------------- Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `pbMoveFailed' for...
  16. CrimsonTy

    Released Pokemon Delta Rune (Creation Paused)

    Download Link If you want to send your own Delta Pokemon or remake a Delta Pokemon send it with a link to Deviantart or Imgur to Currently there is a bug in my game (which I did post...