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  1. MadDeodorant

    Menu doesn't open

    Hey, folks! When I test the game in debug mode I begin a new game, unfortunately the player has no OW, but that is a whole other issue. The thing is, when I try to open the menu, this error message shows up: Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `pokedexSeen' for nil:NilClass...
  2. MadDeodorant

    How to check for multiple items?

    Quick help needed. Is there a way to check for several different items in the bag in one line of script? I'm doing a conditional branch and those only accept one line of script. I'd like something like this but for more items than Flour. Like check for Flour and Item X and Item Y and Item Z, etc...
  3. MadDeodorant

    Entertainment My Pokémon Sun and Moon Rant

    Ok. It's been little over 7 months since Pokémon Sun and Moon were released. I got them day one as I did with ORAS. My hype over these games was insane. It felt so fresh and exciting! No gyms? New cool Pokémon? A beautiful tropical region? I'm on board for all that! However, as I played it, hype...
  4. MadDeodorant

    Intro error

    Hello, everyone. I'm here to ask for help solving this error message: Exception: TypeError Message: cannot convert Fixnum into String PField_Field:1406:in `+' PField_Field:1406:in `pbGetPlayerCharset' PField_Field:1422:in `pbUpdateVehicle' PField_Field:1433:in `pbCancelVehicles'...