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  1. Falcon

    Help Font Not Taking Up Window

    Long time no see! Wanted to drop this here since I couldn’t find an answer, but is there any way I could go about making it so text takes up more of the empty space in textboxes? There’s a lot of elbow room and I’d rather have more words on screen than more people mashing ‘A’. Here’s an example...
  2. Falcon

    Help Manipulating Party

    So I've been fighting this problem for a while now and today just had me give in. Essentially what I'm looking for is forcefully moving a Pokémon's position in the party. I tried using the code used in this thread but it just didn't work for me. I'm unsure if this is because I'm using Essentials...
  3. Falcon

    Recruiting Pokémon: Operation Strike Back 2

    Hey, all! First of all, thank you for reading this post! Whether you're interested or just browsing, it's always awesome to see people check out the progress my team and I have been working very hard on lately. It was my goal not to make this post just a "here's the template, please help", but...
  4. Falcon

    Resource The Power We Hold Resources

    Falcon submitted a new resource: The Power We Hold Resources - Resources used for and created for The Power We Hold. Read more about this resource...
  5. Falcon

    Completed The Power We Hold

    Made Using RPG Maker XP & Pokémon Essentials The Power We Hold takes a different approach on the invention of the Pokéball. Jump into the Lacus Region which has now become obsessed with technology and innovation six years after the invention. Face the evil force by destroying them from the...
  6. Falcon

    Solved Music Loop (MP3)

    While this isn't a major issue, I can see people complaining about it, myself included. So I've been writing out tons of custom tunes for my games and don't want to compress the audio file into a MIDI as I like the sound of 'actual' instruments more. The only problem with this is that once the...