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  1. AngelusMortis

    Demo Pokemon: Lament of the Children

    In Pokemon: Lament of the Children, instead of being charged with a starter Pokemon, going on some grand adventure across a new or old region, battling your way to the League Challenge, and becoming the new regional Champion, your task is a only slightly different. As Adrian, you are tasked...
  2. AngelusMortis

    Resource Flying Press

    AngelusMortis submitted a new resource: Flying Press - flying press as a true dual-type move Read more about this resource...
  3. AngelusMortis

    Help Battle Sprite help

    Hello. I am slightly new to all of this, but I have gotten a pretty good idea of what is going on. My game uses custom sprites, though not the best in the world. My issue is with them in battle. Either they don't appear or they are not in position. I have adjusted the values bothe in game using...