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  1. Cilerba

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial VI

    Map Name: victor road Trial: VI Map: boop Critique Requested: ok Credits: it's midgame because there are two regions ok just
  2. Cilerba

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial V

    Map Name: Moonwake Island Trial: celebrations Map: https://i.imgur.com/NSp6shs.png Critique Requested: sure Credits: UltimoSpriter Notes: celebrating the downfall of the evil boys cresselia is back in her home on moonwake island. kickin' it
  3. Cilerba

    Resource Wild Item Drops

    Thanks for pointing out the error. I should have a fix within a few days along with a way to separate drop items from hold items!
  4. Cilerba

    Resource Wild Item Drops

    Cilerba submitted a new resource: Wild Item Drops - Obtain dropped items after a wild Pokémon faints. Read more about this resource...
  5. Cilerba

    Wild Item Drops - Wild Item Drops

    I made a script that allows wild Pokémon to drop their hold items when fainted. Copy and paste wherever. class PokeBattle_Battler def pbFaint(showMessage=true) unless fainted? PBDebug.log("!!!***Can't faint with HP greater than 0") return true end if @fainted #...
  6. Cilerba

    Pixel Slam Jam Slam Jam #8: On the Attack!

    Sandygast using Ancient Power
  7. Cilerba

    Feedback Map Showcase

  8. Cilerba

    Resource Showdown Exporter

    Cilerba updated Showdown Exporter with a new update entry: v2 Rewrite by M3rein! Read the rest of this update entry...
  9. Cilerba

    Showdown Exporter - v2 Rewrite by M3rein!

    Hey don't use v1 it's bad use v2 by M3rein he made it real good Support for custom moves and Alolan forms woo #=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#=#= # # Showdown Exporter v2 for Pokémon Essentials by Cilerba, rewritten by M3rein #...
  10. Cilerba

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial II

    Map Name: Jagged Path Trial: Trial 2 Map: click click click Critique Requested: Please Credits: Keh-Ven
  11. Cilerba

    Resource Showdown Exporter

    Cilerba submitted a new resource: Showdown Exporter - Turn your Pokémon Essentials team into a Pokémon Showdown-ready text file. Read more about this resource...
  12. Cilerba

    Showdown Exporter - Showdown Exporter

    A small script to turn your team into a Showdown text file. To use it just throw it in and call pbShowdown and it will create a "team.txt" file in your game's directory. #=============================================================================== # # Showdown Exporter v1.0 for Pokémon...
  13. Cilerba

    Demo Pokemon Sacred Johto (Demo 2 Pre-release soon!)

    The main thing that I would like to critique is the fact that there really isn't much to critique. The first screenshot you included in your post is a dark screenshot in what looks to be a graveyard. This looks really intriguing and makes me start to wonder about where it is, what is its tie...
  14. Cilerba

    Cedric with the Aipom on that map AAAA that's good shit

    Cedric with the Aipom on that map AAAA that's good shit
  15. Cilerba

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial I

    Map Name: Inito City Trial: 1 New Beginnings Map: click click click Critique Requested: sure Credits: n/a Notes:
  16. Cilerba

    Introduction Thread

    Hello, friends. I'm Max. I'm a graphic designer and game developer or whatever. Been into the fangame scene since around '07/'08 when Essentials was first released. I stopped making fangames of my own a little while back and have focused more on my own projects but I still love fangames so...