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  1. AngelusMortis

    Completed Pokémon Unown Ruins

    Not much more that I can say that hasn't been said already. What I will say is that I absolutely loved the break from the norm, having nothing but puzzles to solve and no battles whatsoever. I loved each of the puzzles, particularly the Shell Game. Job well done, Vendily. I'd love to see...
  2. AngelusMortis

    Demo Pokemon Hunt For the Yeti!

    I just finished Hunt for the Yeti and I got to say, this was been a good time. Job well down, Fox and team. I hope to see the next installment of this in the future and more games from y'all.
  3. AngelusMortis

    Completed Pokémon Apathy

    Please disregard the original post of mine. Was for before I finished the game. Now that I have, I enjoyed my time with Apathy. Job well down, Ekat. Hope to see more work like this from you in the future.
  4. AngelusMortis

    Demo Pokemon: Lament of the Children

    Lol! It is funny that you say that... I had started working on it again around September or October and am actually in the process finishing off the last few maps, editing another sprite, and adding a few more icons in the update, along with some alterations to the UI, Audio, and a few other...
  5. AngelusMortis

    Demo Pokemon: Lament of the Children

    Thank you for playing. I appreciate your feedback and lengthening of my work list, no sarcasm intended. Music seems to be a common thing between the four plays that I know of. Thank you.
  6. AngelusMortis

    Demo Pokemon: Lament of the Children

    It was brought to my attention that I forgot my resource pack. I'm sorry. Currently working on getting it all together to edit into the top post.
  7. AngelusMortis

    Demo Pokemon: Lament of the Children

    Thank you. I've been working on an update, which fixes a lot of the issues in the game (I've got a large list to go through), some of which you mentioned above, such as the music volume being dropped in many areas, text issues, and warp points being wrong (I don't understand why either; All of...
  8. AngelusMortis

    Demo Pokemon: Lament of the Children

    Yeah, it was a placeholder as I finished getting everything together. Game may still have a few minor issues here and there as I wanted to get it up before the curtain fell, just let me know. I'm still applying minor fixes on my end. Hopefully though, everyone enjoys.
  9. AngelusMortis

    Demo Pokemon: Lament of the Children

    In Pokemon: Lament of the Children, instead of being charged with a starter Pokemon, going on some grand adventure across a new or old region, battling your way to the League Challenge, and becoming the new regional Champion, your task is a only slightly different. As Adrian, you are tasked...
  10. AngelusMortis

    Iron Mapper: Trial 1

    Trial: I: City Map Name: Gardenia City Map: Critique Requested: Any/all critique allowed/wanted. Credits: Made using the Base Tileset and OWs in Essentials. Notes: Decided to support this event and map the next city in a fangame I am working on. Gardenia City is the hometown of the...
  11. AngelusMortis

    Help Battle Sprite help

    I tried that when I was still messing attempting the project. Same results though. Alas, I have a new project I'm working on and, due to the many issues with that one aside from the one in this post, it no longer exists. However, I do thank you for taking the time to respond to this thread.
  12. AngelusMortis

    Help Battle Sprite help

    Honestly, I've gotten better at figuring things out and have yet to figure this one out, but the project in question has been cancelled altogether, so this thread is no longer relevant I suppose.
  13. AngelusMortis

    Flying Press

    Hey all. So, my Flying Press is a bit of an odd script. I am still working out the kinks in the scripts, but atm, it does massive damage if the opponent is weak to both Fighting and Flying types. To get started, add this line in PBEffects at the bottom of the section '# These effects apply to...
  14. AngelusMortis

    Resource Flying Press

    AngelusMortis submitted a new resource: Flying Press - flying press as a true dual-type move Read more about this resource...
  15. AngelusMortis

    Help Map Zoom

    As far as full screen goes, the only way I know of is in the options menu. You have small, medium, large, and full screen. It is towards the bottom of the menu.
  16. AngelusMortis

    Help Battle Sprite help

    Hello. I am slightly new to all of this, but I have gotten a pretty good idea of what is going on. My game uses custom sprites, though not the best in the world. My issue is with them in battle. Either they don't appear or they are not in position. I have adjusted the values bothe in game using...