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  1. WesKun

    Recruiting Pokémon Celestia Legends

    Pokémon Celestia Legends is currently recruiting members to join my Development Team to make a progressing Fanmade Pokémon Game. This project is currently being developed using RPG Maker XP with Pokémon Essentials, If anyone is interested please do send me a Private Message. What I'm currently...
  2. WesKun

    Recruiting Pokemon Celestia Recruitment Thread

    Hello, I'm creating my first Pokemon Project Called "Pokemon Celestia", although it's my very first fangame to be developing, I'm quite familiar with XPG Maker XP and other stuff on Essentials, so Experience won't be a problem for me. What I need help though is the following ( cuz it would...
  3. WesKun

    Recruiting In Need of the following

    [Recruiting] Looking to recruit: Writer , Spriter , Scripter(optional) Project Title: Pokemon Celestia Legends Team Name/Team Members: Its only me at the moment Method of Contact: Facebook , Discord ( please pm me so I could send you my details.) More information: Basically, I was working...