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  1. OrreMIDI

    What are the themes that Nintendo follows when developing new starters?

    Hey everyone! As I begin designing starters again, I am trying to be as accurate as possible to the official trends that Nintendo seems to follow. I think we all know of the most famous theme which would be that Fire starters are all animals in the Chinese zodiac. However, I've heard a few...
  2. OrreMIDI

    Resource Pokémon Kronos Version 1.0 Resource Pack (Includes Custom Soundtrack!)

    OrreMIDI submitted a new resource: Pokémon Kronos Version 1.0 Resource Pack (Includes Custom Soundtrack!) - A resource pack for Pokémon Kronos. Read more about this resource...
  3. OrreMIDI

    Completed Pokémon Kronos

    History as we know it faces a terrible threat... Hello everyone, this is our entry for the Relic Castle Game Jam #4! Pokémon Kronos was made by a team of four, OrreMIDI, Streetie, TheLightSword, and AlphaRemaster. Over the course of the month a LOT of time and effort was put into making this...
  4. OrreMIDI

    Recruiting Pokemon Twilight: Extended

    Hey guys! I know nobody checks these and probably nobody will respond but I'm gonna post this anyway! So some of you may know that I am making an extended version of Pokemon Twilight, and I personally suck at custom spriting. The thing is, I want to make completely custom characters instead of...
  5. OrreMIDI

    Freelance Fakemon123 Composer

    Hey guys, some of you may know me, but if you don't, I'm Fakemon123! I love composing music and hope to one day have a career in composing music, and so I wanted to start composing on someone else's project, you know, to kind of help out the community and gain some more experience. I already...
  6. OrreMIDI

    Work in Progress The Legend of Zelda: Honedge of Light

    A Great Evil Plagues the Hyrule Region... Hey everyone, I'm back with what will hopefully turn out to be my second fangame! After playing The Legend of Zelda series for a while, I've grown extremely fond of the games, and have been wanting to make my own Zelda fangame for a while now. I don't...
  7. OrreMIDI

    Short-term Pokemon Twilight: Extended

    Hey everyone! So, as some of you may know, I have decided to give Pokemon Twilight a little upgrade and making it into a longer game, one that explores more of the relationship between the Realm of Light and the Realm of Shadows. I am looking for a little help because it gets somewhat stressful...
  8. OrreMIDI

    Resource Pokémon Twilight Resource Pack

    Fakemon123 submitted a new resource: Pokémon Twilight Resource Pack - Resources from Pokémon Twilight by Fakemon123 Read more about this resource...
  9. OrreMIDI

    Demo Pokémon Twilight: Extended

    Intro: A Great Darkness Awaits... AGAIN! As some of you may know, Pokemon Twilight was my submission for the 2017 Game Jam! It was the first game I had ever released, so it had a LOT of problems... XD Anyway, Pokémon Twilight was a rather short game, and there was a lot I didn't get to add...
  10. OrreMIDI

    Work in Progress Pokemon Pokestar Theater

    Remember Pokestar Studios from B2W2? Well, Pokestar Theater is a game that aims to tell the stories from Pokestar Studios more in depth. Based off the game @Aki made called Pokémon Bonfire Stories, you will start in a large theater filled with screens and characters from the various movies...
  11. OrreMIDI

    Solved Battle Outcomes

    Hey everyone! I was looking through the Essentials Wiki for a way to make the outcome of a battle trigger a certain event, but the only thing I could find is a thing that allows you to continue with a fully healed party if you lose the battle. What I want to do is make it so that if you lose the...
  12. OrreMIDI

    Tutorial Creating Your Own (Professional) Logo!

    Fakemon123 submitted a new resource: Creating Your Own (Professional) Logo! - A brief tutorial on the basics of logo design... Read more about this resource...