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  1. Kaleidophoenix

    Completed Pokémon Droea Explorea

    Pokémon Droea Explorea Version 1.1 is out! https://mega.nz/#!tO5TwRQb!LyFjvkLLWBY52BZeJ1vLX2JIZ9P0xePVdX2UJ6I0RN4 Fixed trainer error on Droea Trail Minor Map fixes Minor Trainer fixes Dive now HM as item script did not work Fixed TM learnset for Ekans/Arbok and Sigilyph Fixed audio issues...
  2. Kaleidophoenix

    Droea Explorea Resource Pack 1.0

    Graphics for Droea Explorea. Feel free to use anything. Just give me credit for anything not listed down below. Here's the game: https://reliccastle.com/threads/1729/
  3. Kaleidophoenix

    Resource Droea Explorea Resource Pack

    Kaleidophoenix submitted a new resource: Droea Explorea Resource Pack - Graphics from Droea Explorea Read more about this resource...
  4. Kaleidophoenix

    Completed Pokémon Droea Explorea

    Pokémon Droea Explorea In Pokémon Droea Explorea, travel around Droea Island at the behest of Kaeni Wilfort and the Devon Corporation, to explore and capture over 100 new regional variants of familiar Pokémon. Challenge other trainers on the island to increase your skill, or to prove it. Game...
  5. Kaleidophoenix

    Completed Pokémon Weather Trials

    Pokémon Weather Trials Demo 1.1 Download: https://mega.nz/#!0L5C1LgZ!ds3R1bpOaFLTaorrxiav8rpfSGWJf_VyJQZBbgY6_P4 Bug fixes: Removed NPC that caused game crash. Fixed minor mapping errors Fixed door errors Minor edits to cutscenes Fixed healing point in village Fixed Floatcham and other...
  6. Kaleidophoenix

    Entertainment Pokemon Quiz - Are you a noob or a pro?

    I am a Pidgey. A bit of a downgrade from a phoenix, but oh well. I didn't take the 151 quiz, because I can already recite every single Pokémon aloud in less than twenty minutes, in near perfect Pokédex order. Typing that takes about 35-40 minutes, and doing Gen 1 takes me about 6-7 minutes. And...
  7. Kaleidophoenix

    Completed Pokémon Weather Trials

    Yes, I did tweak Boldore's moveset so it now learns Ancient Power. Level 49, I think. I also tweaked the movepool of other Pokémon to better reflect the game's level curve. Adding to the OP.
  8. Kaleidophoenix

    Resource Pokémon Weather Trials

    Kaleidophoenix submitted a new resource: Pokémon Weather Trials - Game Jam Resource Pack Read more about this resource...
  9. Kaleidophoenix

    Solved Encounters RunTumeError

    Just looking at your .txt file, and I noticed that you have a different amount of Pokémon than default in basically all of the maps. The way encounters work is that each encounter type has a defined amount of Pokémon encounters possible, with different percentages on each line. The 'Land'...
  10. Kaleidophoenix

    Pokémon Weather Trials - Pokémon Weather Trials

    This is the resource pack for Pokémon Weather Trials, a game I worked on during this year's Game Jam. It's required to post the resource pack, so here mine is. You can find my game here: Pokémon Weather Trials
  11. Kaleidophoenix

    Completed Pokémon Weather Trials

    Demo 1.1 Release Welcome to the Swirling Island Festival! A yearly celebration to remember the legends of the three mountains, and the guardians who protect them. But the festival is interrupted by vicious weather, and your father suspects foul play. The shrine in the middle of Swirling Lake...
  12. Kaleidophoenix

    Discussion Username Backstories

    I've always been fond of kaleidoscopes and phoenixes, so portmaneauing them together made sense. I actually used to call myself Darkest643, which is a quite terrible username, even if it's a pun based on Reshiram's body color. Kaleidophoenix has more elegance to it.
  13. Kaleidophoenix

    Solved New Encountner Methods

    Thundaga has an excellent video tutorial series on YouTube, and one of his videos covers this. Just follow the link, and you'll also find the playlist of all of his other tutorials. New Encounter Types
  14. Kaleidophoenix

    Solved filename=nil error

    I did manage to work out that other error. But after I finished inputting some custom items I got this error: Exception: RuntimeError Message: filename is nil SpriteWindow:218:in `initialize' Pokemon_Sprites:188:in `new' Pokemon_Sprites:188:in `pokemon=' Pokemon_Sprites:174:in...
  15. Kaleidophoenix

    Solved filename=nil error

    That might be it. I might have mixed up where the bottoms of the scripts ended. Unfortunately I don't have access to my computer over the weekend, but I'll see how that goes on Monday. Thanks for the response.
  16. Kaleidophoenix

    Solved filename=nil error

    So I just recently downloaded RPGMaker and Pokemon Essentials, and started making a game. I'm not familiar with much of the scripts at all. I managed to make the surge abilities that the tapus have, and I've done a little work in custom tilesets. I just installed the Defining Trainer's EVs...