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  1. Mr. Gela

    Creative Make a Fakemon Game! v2.0

    Added important facial features.
  2. Mr. Gela

    What are your Fan Game/Pokémon Pet Peeves?

    Bold, italic and CAPS, etc. in text. They look weird and I prefer if you showed what the character is doing/how are they reacting with motion. A sudden "Jump"! command in place tells me the same or more than "Character name: Gasp!"
  3. Mr. Gela

    Help How do i do this?

    Paint can't save transparency. I recommend GIMP as a free alternative with layer support.
  4. Mr. Gela

    Resource Starter "heart", Mega stone and Z-crystal graphics in the party screen

    Was the save file from before you installed the script? There's a good chance that, since the "special" flag didn't EXIST (not just being true or false) it can't create (or omit the creation of) the startersprite properly. Please let me know if that was it.
  5. Mr. Gela

    Resource Starter "heart", Mega stone and Z-crystal graphics in the party screen

    I can't seem to replicate this... Could you try reinstalling it following all of the steps? Try to install it in a fresh new Essentials folder first, please.
  6. Mr. Gela

    Resource Mr. Gela's Name Windows

    It should be using the same windowskin unless your text command is overwriting that. Is that what's happening?
  7. Mr. Gela

    Discussion Japan Bans Console Modding

    That's dumb. Say you're playing Skyrim or whatever, and because of a glitch your character is stuck on a wall or whatever and you can't fix. It's illegal to mod my savefile to unstuck my character? I'm also a "hack whatever you want as long as it's not giving you an advantage online" person...
  8. Mr. Gela

    Help Bug with maxValueF (v17.2)

    Are you using any scripts other than the ones that come with Essentials?
  9. Mr. Gela

    Feedback Project Sandbox

    Taking steps seems a bit bland in a fangame because it's just a timesink and nothing else. Catching Pokémon is alright, but I'd suggest forcing the player to catch different species each time, otherwise they'll just go into a cave hunting for a few Zubat when they are asked to catch Flying- or...
  10. Mr. Gela

    The Next Generation

    Recently I've learned that when your interests don't align, it's okay to move on. I'm happy you'll be able to pursue new interests if that's what you have in mind!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for building such a wonderful site and community.
  11. Mr. Gela

    Tutorial How to properly formulate base EXP yield for Fakémon

    A very interesting read! I love this type of content. Never would I imagined there was any sort of formula behind it.
  12. Mr. Gela

    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    Weird. Tried again and it does remember HP. I didn't knock it out before so that's weird. I'll assume I made a mistake at some point. In the main series it does roam immediately. I'd dare to say it actually skips to a completely new location instead of only moving to a nearby Route, something...
  13. Mr. Gela

    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    Regarding roaming Pokémon (Bulbapedia article): Main games behavior: The roaming Pokémon is the same at all times. It is only generated once until defeated or caught. Visible "Nest" area in the Pokédex (Generations 2 to 3) / Visible in the player's device Town Map. Essentials behavior...
  14. Mr. Gela

    How many established characters is too many?

    If they were done well, they'd be alright. Can't name many who do that. You can find Cynthia in Pokémon Vega, for example. Hell, Cynthia is the perfect example just across several games. She doesn't play an important role in her outside-Sinnoh appearances. In HGSS, she can help you research the...
  15. Mr. Gela

    Resource Starter "heart", Mega stone and Z-crystal graphics in the party screen

    Mr. Gela updated Starter "heart", Mega stone and Z-crystal graphics in the party screen with a new update entry: V2.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
  16. Mr. Gela

    Starter "heart", Mega stone and Z-crystal graphics in the party screen - V2.1

    Made the instructions more straight-forward and completely plug and play.
  17. Mr. Gela

    Feedback Project Sandbox

    That's a big issue I'm facing, yeah! I'm not sure how to handle selecting a Pokémon to transform into. I'll probably do something like this: - Use Transform - Screen fade out to this new screen First option will probably be the opponents, so you can still Transform into these, then the other...
  18. Mr. Gela

    Help May I make a user-friendly downloadable tutorial for RMXP and PKMNE?

    Not related to Maruno but you don't need permission to make a tutorial and post it online.