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  1. kelsey

    Help Gen 6 battlers

    Hey- I just noticed that I'm missing the battler files for all gen 6 pokemon- pretty sure the clean download of essentials 17 came that way, but obviously I can't check. I seem to have all the other gen 6 stuff- can anyone link me to just the battler files? I found a thread by mej71 online but...
  2. kelsey

    Solved How to have the game check whether a wild pokemon is shiny?

    Apologies if this is in essentials wiki somewhere but I looked and couldn't find anything. Basically what I want is to have an event pokemon which is subject to the in-game set rate of shiny chance, and if it IS shiny, have the event overworld be a shiny pokemon, and if not, have it be of the...
  3. kelsey

    Help EBS DEAD?

    Hey so is EBS officially dead or just down for the moment? Does anyone still have a copy of the file if I wanted it?
  4. kelsey

    Help Wanted Feature: blacked out map

    **Mods- please move if this is in the wrong place- I can never figure out where to post things anymore... I've looked but it doesn't appear like this exists yet as a resource- basically what I want is a blacked out map feature where the map is only visible in that area after you've visited it...
  5. kelsey

    Solved Defining Pokemon "Area" for use in Pokedex

    I can't figure out where to modify this or how to do it. Basically I want to be able to go into the pokedex, click a pokemon, and go the area page and have it show where (on my map) that pokemon can be found. Also- how do I show my current location on the map? I just realized that was missing...
  6. kelsey

    Solved Time Delayed Trainer Rematches

    I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something wrong with recurring events- i.e a trainer that you can battle and then will ignore you or give a basic message, but then be willing to battle again the next day. I think I've done everything correctly per the wiki and my own logic, however when I...