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  1. Foxowl

    Defeating plagiarism (and Balrogs)

    Defeating plagiarism (and Balrogs)
  2. Foxowl

    Demo Pokemon Ultra Jam!

    thanks for the feedback aki! um, I'm not sure what's going on with the guzzlord crash, I saw that it happened to voltsy too. There are a lot of tile/event bugs that need to be fixed as well. I didn't realize Yanma was so deadly, so I'll make sure to have a healer in the swamp. The suggestion...
  3. Foxowl

    Demo Pokemon Ultra Jam!

    Game Title: Pokemon Ultra Jam! Haven't you always wanted to join the Ultra Recon Squad? No? Me neither. But in Pokemon Ultra Jam you get to do just that, playing as Zossie, a new recruit ready to protect the galaxy....probably. Travel to different worlds and find interesting new Ultra Beasts in...
  4. Foxowl

    Pokemon Ultra Jam Resource Pack v1.0

    These are the audio (base essentials + one song (use with credit to AlmightyArceus) and graphics(sprites by many including greatmaccao)
  5. Foxowl

    Resource Pokemon Ultra Jam Resource Pack

    Foxowl submitted a new resource: Pokemon Ultra Jam Resource Pack - the resource pack for the jam game Ultra Jam Read more about this resource...
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    I wrote two poems about "Betrayal." 1.) What happened? What happened? What happened that fateful morning? What went wrong as we marched from Our lives to Our deaths? Why did no one scream? Why did no one call out, "Help! Help us!" And run away? Who was that one who had Sworn his life to the...
  7. Foxowl

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial VI

    Map Name: The Dead Swamp Trial: VI Map: here you go Critique Requested: yep! Credits: Notes: I rushed a lot in order to get this map done, and please ignore the trainers that look like they're standing on the water (it makes no sense). Just know that there are trainers there. Inspiration came...
  8. Foxowl

    Fan Game Prompts

    Actually my idea for a game, lol.
  9. Foxowl

    Feedback Project Sandbox

    I had an idea for a fangame that I really haven't done anything with. The plan is to make a smaller than usual Pokémon fangame, focusing on the backstory of Ultra Space It will include maybe 40-50 new “alien Pokémon,” as well as the current 11 Ultra Beasts Necrozma will not be catchable The...